May 31, 2024

Women in Rail Releases End of Year Report Highlighting Significant Progress

Women in Rail Releases End of Year Report Highlighting Significant Progress

The charity Women in Rail has released its comprehensive End of Year Report, showcasing its efforts and achievements in promoting gender balance, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the UK rail industry. The report provides a detailed overview of the initiatives undertaken, the progress made, and the future objectives aimed at fulfilling the organisation’s strategic goals through 2026.

Key Achievements

Cross-Industry Mentoring Programme

One of the standout highlights of the report is the success of the cross-industry mentoring programme. The initiative has delivered remarkable results, with 41% of mentees receiving promotions during or after their participation. Additionally, 43% of mentors have become advocates for EDI within their workplaces, demonstrating the programme’s broad impact on fostering a more inclusive industry culture.

EDI Advocacy and Support

Women in Rail has made significant strides in advocating for EDI across the rail sector. The charity's efforts have included hosting events, workshops, and training sessions aimed at raising awareness and equipping individuals and organisations with the tools needed to implement effective EDI practices. These initiatives have not only increased awareness but also actively contributed to creating a more inclusive environment within the industry.

Strategic Objectives and Priorities

Looking ahead, Women in Rail has outlined clear objectives and priorities to guide its efforts through 2026. These include:

  • Enhancing Mentorship and Support Networks: Building on the success of the mentoring programme, the charity aims to expand its reach and impact, offering more opportunities for mentorship and professional development.
  • Increasing EDI Training and Resources: Women in Rail plans to continue developing and providing resources that support EDI training and education, helping organisations across the rail sector to implement and sustain inclusive practices.
  • Promoting Gender Balance in Leadership: The charity will focus on initiatives designed to promote gender balance at all levels of leadership within the rail industry, ensuring that women have equal opportunities to advance and contribute to the sector’s growth.

The Women in Rail End of Year Report highlights the charity’s significant progress and ongoing commitment to improving gender balance, equality, diversity, and inclusion within the UK rail industry. The impressive results from the cross-industry mentoring programme and the continued advocacy for EDI demonstrate the charity's pivotal role in driving positive change.

For more details, you can read the full report here.

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