August 28, 2023

WeBid Consult Celebrates Partnership with Sheffield United Football Club as Programme Sponsor

In an exciting collaboration that combines the worlds of business and sports, WeBid Consult proudly stepped into the spotlight as the Programme Sponsor at the recent match between Sheffield United Football Club and Manchester City Football Club. The event marked not only a thrilling football showdown but also the celebration of a strong partnership, as WeBid Consult is based in the Blades Business Hub offices, further deepening its connection to the local community.

A Day of Football Excellence

On the 27th August 2023, football enthusiasts flocked to the iconic stadium, eagerly anticipating the clash between Sheffield United and Manchester City. The match was a spectacle of talent, determination, and unyielding sportsmanship from both teams.

WeBid Consult, renowned for its commitment to excellence in business solutions and community engagement, proudly took center stage as the Programme Sponsor for this momentous event.

WeBid Shines Bright

As the Programme Sponsor, WeBid Consult enjoyed prominent visibility throughout the stadium. From towering banners to eye-catching electronic displays, the WeBid logo radiated in the spotlight, capturing the attention of everyone in attendance. The company's name was prominently featured in the matchday programmes, solidifying WeBid's reputation as a committed supporter of sports and the local community.

The WeBid team had an extraordinary day, immersed in the electric atmosphere and relishing the thrill of the game. It was more than a business endeavor; it was a celebration of the community's spirit, as they cheered on their favourite team.

A Special Moment for Steph Yeadon

Adding to the excitement of the day, WeBid Consult's founder, Steph Yeadon, received a special gift – a matchday programme personally signed by the players. This treasured memento serves as a reminder of the enduring partnership between WeBid Consult and Sheffield United Football Club, as well as the shared love for the game.

A Strong Local Connection

WeBid Consult's partnership with Sheffield United Football Club carries a special significance. The company is based in the Blades Business Hub offices, demonstrating its commitment to the local community and its desire to contribute to the region's growth and success.

The Sheffield United vs. Manchester City match, sponsored by WeBid Consult, was a day filled with excitement, unity, and unforgettable moments. As the Programme Sponsor, WeBid proudly showcased their commitment to the local community and their deep affection for the beautiful game.