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January 11, 2024

Women in Construction Key to Resolving Skill Shortage

Women in Construction Key to Resolving Skill Shortage

The UK construction industry is grappling with an unprecedented skills shortage, prompting calls for innovative solutions. Catherine Storer, Executive Director of ESS and Woman in Construction Awards finalist, advocates for a transformative approach—increasing the participation of women in construction. Recognising the challenges posed by an aging workforce, Storer highlights the strategic importance of diversification in addressing these issues.

The Aging Workforce Challenge

The shortage of experienced professionals in the construction sector is exacerbated by an aging workforce. Catherine Storer emphasises that diversifying the workforce is crucial to mitigating this challenge. By incorporating various perspectives, skills, and experiences, the industry can foster innovation, boost productivity, and cultivate a more resilient workforce.

The Role of Women in Construction

Storer, backed by her experience as a WICA finalist, asserts that empowering women in construction is a key aspect of workforce diversification. While ESS has successfully trained over 8,500 women in the last decade, Storer acknowledges that more efforts are needed. Encouraging women to enter and thrive in the construction industry not only addresses the current skill shortage but also lays the foundation for a more inclusive and dynamic future.

Benefits of Workforce Diversification

Diversifying the construction workforce brings multifaceted benefits. It introduces fresh perspectives, fosters creativity, and enhances problem-solving capabilities. A diverse workforce is better equipped to navigate challenges, adapt to evolving industry trends, and contribute to the overall resilience of the construction sector.

The Way Forward

Catherine Storer's advocacy for women in construction aligns with a broader movement to create an industry that is representative and accessible to all. Recognising the progress made by ESS, Storer emphasises the ongoing need for concerted efforts to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. This involves not only training programs but also fostering a culture that encourages women to pursue and thrive in construction careers.


As the construction industry grapples with a skills shortage, the call to diversify the workforce, particularly by encouraging more women to join the sector, emerges as a powerful solution. Catherine Storer's insights underscore the transformative impact of a diverse and inclusive construction industry. By addressing the challenges posed by an aging workforce and actively promoting workforce diversification, the construction sector can pave the way for a more vibrant, skilled, and resilient future.

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