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March 7, 2024

Transpennine Route Upgrade: A Commitment to Employment

Transpennine Route Upgrade: A Commitment to Employment

The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) project has reaffirmed its dedication to creating significant employment opportunities by participating in the Kirklees College Skills and Apprenticeships Fair during National Careers Week. This initiative underscores TRU’s commitment to its sustainability strategy, "Our Guiding Compass," which aims to generate 4,000 new jobs and safeguard an additional 4,000 roles throughout the construction phase.

Key Employment Goals

  1. Job Creation and Diversity:
    • 20% of the new and safeguarded roles will be allocated to underrepresented groups, promoting diversity within the workforce.
  2. Local Employment:
    • Aim to have 60% of the workforce employed within 25 miles of the route and 80% within 40 miles, ensuring local communities benefit from the project.
  3. Apprenticeship Opportunities:
    • Plan to onboard 590 apprentices, with over 260 already participating, including 44 from West Yorkshire, demonstrating strong progress towards their target.
  4. Placement Days:
    • By 2035, deliver over 30,000 placement days to support new entrants, pre-employment programs, and upskilling initiatives, with a focus on including a minimum of 20% from underrepresented groups.

TRU’s participation in the Skills and Apprenticeships Fair allowed the project team to interact with local students, offering insights into various career paths within the rail industry. This engagement is crucial in attracting young talent and providing them with opportunities to explore careers in construction and infrastructure.

Karl Wilson, TRU Social Value Coordinator, highlighted the importance of outreach programs in schools, colleges, and universities to promote the wide range of jobs available in the project. These efforts are designed to ensure a continuous pipeline of skilled workers who can contribute to the successful delivery of the Transpennine Route Upgrade.

The TRU project’s commitment to job creation and community engagement exemplifies its role in driving economic growth and sustainability in the region. By focusing on diversity, local employment, and comprehensive training programs, TRU is setting a benchmark for large-scale infrastructure projects.

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