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September 21, 2023

SPL Powerlines UK: Pioneering Rail Safety Education with a 'Gold Disc'

SPL Powerlines UK: Pioneering Rail Safety Education with a 'Gold Disc'


In an era where safety education is more crucial than ever, one company is shining brightly in its commitment to nurturing the next generation with vital rail safety knowledge. SPL Powerlines UK has been honored with a prestigious 'gold disc' for its outstanding contribution as a gold level partner of the Rail Safe Friendly program. This remarkable initiative, orchestrated by digital education provider Learn Live and launched in March 2023, has been making waves in the realm of safety education by delivering Network Rail's video safety content directly to schools through the Learn Live Channel. As over 1,400 UK schools eagerly embrace this program, industry partners from across the rail sector have stepped up to sponsor and become invaluable partners in this transformative initiative.

Awards for Excellence: The 'Gold Disc'

The presentation of the 'gold disc' to SPL Powerlines UK is more than just an accolade; it's a testament to their unwavering commitment to the safety of future generations. This distinguished honor symbolises their role as a prominent gold level partner in the Rail Safe Friendly program, a noteworthy accomplishment that reflects their dedication to promoting safety and education in our communities.

Learn Live: Connecting Education and Industry

Learn Live, a leading digital education provider, has taken a pioneering step in bridging the gap between education and industry. Their Rail Safe Friendly program is a prime example of how technology can be harnessed to directly deliver safety content to schools. By teaming up with industry experts like SPL Powerlines UK, Learn Live is shaping the future of safety education. Through this program, they have created a powerful channel that facilitates the delivery of Network Rail's video safety content to educational institutions across the UK.

The Impact of Rail Safe Friendly

The Rail Safe Friendly program has made a significant impact in a relatively short period. With over 1,400 UK schools already on board, it is evident that the initiative is striking a chord with educators, students, and the rail industry itself. By providing valuable safety content directly to schools, the program is not only ensuring the next generation is better informed about rail safety but also fostering a culture of responsibility, awareness, and care within the rail sector.

Industry Partners: United for Safety

The support and participation of industry partners from across the rail sector underline the collective commitment to safety and education. As these partners sponsor and become active participants in the Rail Safe Friendly program, they are demonstrating their belief in the program's potential to create a safer future for all. It is a powerful testament to the unity and shared responsibility of the rail industry in ensuring the well-being of future generations.


SPL Powerlines UK's 'gold disc' achievement and its partnership with the Rail Safe Friendly program exemplify the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. This initiative is not just about education; it's about the safety of the communities and the future of the rail industry. By embracing technology and joining hands with education providers like Learn Live, the rail sector is actively shaping a safer, more aware, and responsible future. The 'gold disc' is more than an award; it's a symbol of dedication and a reminder that when education and industry unite for a common cause, the possibilities are boundless. SPL Powerlines UK and their fellow industry partners are paving the way to a safer, more informed, and more secure tomorrow for all.

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