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September 7, 2023

Spencer Group's Remarkable Journey: 50 Apprentices in 5 Years

Spencer Group's Remarkable Journey: 50 Apprentices in 5 Years


In a heartening development for the engineering industry and the future of the workforce, Hull-based engineering company Spencer Group has achieved a significant milestone. Over the last five years, they have welcomed their 50th apprentice into their ranks, with all of them sourced from the Ron Dearing University Technical College (UTC) in Hull. This remarkable accomplishment speaks volumes about Spencer Group's dedication to nurturing local talent and fostering a bright future for aspiring young professionals.

Nurturing Talent Locally

The partnership between Spencer Group and Ron Dearing UTC is one that exemplifies the spirit of collaboration between educational institutions and the industry. As a Founding Partner of the UTC, Spencer Group has been instrumental in shaping the career paths of students from year 10 onwards. They have actively engaged with the UTC's students, participating in open events and careers expos, and providing valuable support throughout their academic journey.

A Diverse Range of Career Paths

The 50 apprentices taken on by Spencer Group in the last five years have found opportunities across various departments within the company. This diverse range of career paths includes positions in engineering, commercial, project management, design, marketing, planning, IT services, and computer programming. This diversity not only reflects the multifaceted nature of the modern engineering industry but also highlights the company's commitment to offering a broad spectrum of opportunities to their apprentices.

Investing in the Future Workforce

Spencer Group's initiative to provide apprentices with full-time positions in various departments underscores their commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent. It also speaks to the company's role as a responsible corporate citizen, actively investing in the local workforce and economy. The engineering sector is rapidly evolving, and Spencer Group's approach to apprenticeships demonstrates their dedication to staying at the forefront of these changes.

Comprehensive Support for Future Professionals

Beyond offering employment opportunities, Spencer Group goes the extra mile to ensure that their apprentices are well-equipped for the professional world. They provide support in the form of work experience opportunities, interview skills training, practice, and training in professional behaviors and employability skills. This holistic approach ensures that these apprentices not only receive jobs but are also set up for long-term success in their chosen careers.


Spencer Group's achievement of employing 50 apprentices from Ron Dearing UTC over the last five years is a testament to their commitment to local talent development and their investment in the future of the engineering industry. This remarkable journey is an inspiring example of how an industry leader can actively engage with educational institutions to bridge the skills gap, offer diverse career opportunities, and provide comprehensive support for aspiring professionals. As they continue to play an active role in shaping the future workforce, Spencer Group serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication, collaboration, and investing in the next generation of talent.

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