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November 17, 2023

Speedy Hydrogen Solutions: Pioneering the Future of Clean Energy Generators

Speedy Hydrogen Solutions: Pioneering the Future of Clean Energy Generators

Speedy and AFC have joined forces to establish Speedy Hydrogen Solutions Limited (SHS), a 50:50 joint venture aimed at revolutionising the construction industry. With a combined investment of £2.5 million from each company, SHS is set to acquire 30kW H-Power generators from AFC Energy. The collaboration marks a significant step in the journey towards a greener future, with the first wave of these innovative systems expected to be available later this year. The strategic plan includes scaling up inventory to meet the growing market demand for clean and efficient energy solutions.

Speedy Hydrogen Solutions

Speedy Hydrogen Solutions Limited (SHS) emerges as a testament to the commitment of both Speedy and AFC to drive the adoption of sustainable energy in the construction sector. This 50:50 joint venture reflects a strategic alignment to harness the potential of hydrogen technology, a clean energy source that holds the key to reducing environmental impact.

£2.5 Million Investment for Sustainable Power

The establishment of SHS comes with a significant financial commitment, as both Speedy and AFC contribute £2.5 million each towards the venture. This substantial investment underscores the confidence and dedication of both companies to drive innovation in clean energy solutions. The funds will be utilised to acquire cutting-edge 30kW H-Power generators from AFC Energy, positioning SHS at the forefront of hydrogen technology implementation.

AFC Energy's 30kW H-Power Generators

The core of SHS's initiative lies in the adoption of AFC Energy's 30kW H-Power generators. These generators represent a leap forward in clean energy technology, utilising hydrogen to produce power with minimal environmental impact. The integration of these generators into construction practices holds the promise of reducing carbon footprints and advancing sustainability in the industry.

Timeline for Availability and Market Expansion

Anticipation builds as the first wave of 30kW H-Power generators is expected to be available later this year. SHS plans to strategically build up inventory to meet the growing market demand for clean energy solutions. This phased approach reflects a commitment to scalability and aligns with the broader vision of transforming the construction industry into a more environmentally responsible sector.

Shaping the Future of Construction Energy

The collaboration between Speedy and AFC through SHS marks a pivotal moment in shaping the future of construction energy. As the construction industry grapples with the imperative to reduce its environmental impact, the introduction of hydrogen technology through 30kW H-Power generators heralds a new era of clean, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. SHS's innovative approach sets the stage for wider adoption of hydrogen generators, paving the way for a greener and more eco-conscious construction sector.


Speedy Hydrogen Solutions Limited (SHS) stands as a beacon of progress in the construction industry's journey towards sustainable energy adoption. The joint venture between Speedy and AFC, supported by a substantial investment, signals a collective commitment to revolutionise construction practices. With AFC Energy's 30kW H-Power generators at its core, SHS is poised to lead the charge in transforming the construction sector into a more environmentally responsible and sustainable industry.

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