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February 12, 2024

Paramount Platforms Introduces 40-Meter Spider Lift

Paramount Platforms Introduces 40-Meter Spider Lift

Paramount Platforms, a leading powered access rental company, introduces the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS. Positioned as a game-changer in the spider lift market, this innovative tracked boom marks Paramount Platforms as the first UK hire company to embrace the cutting-edge capabilities of the 40-meter spider lift. With a suite of remarkable features, this addition to the Hinowa range is poised to redefine the standards for working at heights and achieving substantial outreach in the construction and access equipment industry.

Key Features of Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS:

  1. Unprecedented Reach and Height: The Hinowa 40.18 boasts a maximum working height of 40.2 meters, providing users with unparalleled access to elevated workspaces. This extended reach is complemented by a maximum outreach of 17.5 meters, allowing for efficient work at considerable distances.
  2. Spacious Basket Design: Setting itself apart from other Hinowa spider lifts, the 40.18 comes with a larger basket. This feature enhances user comfort and productivity, accommodating the tools and equipment required for various tasks at height.
  3. Impressive Weight Capacities: With maximum and unrestricted capacities of 300kg and 230kg respectively, the Hinowa 40.18 ensures that users can carry essential tools and materials to height without compromising safety. This makes it a versatile choice for a range of applications.
  4. Independence at Significant Heights: The tracked spider boom empowers users to work independently at heights approaching 40 meters, making it an invaluable asset for projects requiring elevated access and substantial outreach.

Paramount Platforms Leading the Way

As the first UK hire company to invest in the Hinowa 40.18, Paramount Platforms reinforces its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the powered access rental sector. This acquisition positions the company at the forefront of industry innovation, offering customers access to state-of-the-art equipment for their projects.

The Impact on the Spider Lift Market

The introduction of the Hinowa 40.18 is poised to reshape the spider lift market, setting a new standard for performance, reach, and capacity. With its game-changing capabilities, this tracked spider boom meets the evolving needs of industries requiring efficient and safe solutions for working at heights.


Paramount Platforms' acquisition of the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS marks a significant milestone in the evolution of spider lifts. As this game-changing equipment becomes available for hire, industries can anticipate enhanced efficiency, increased safety, and expanded capabilities for working at heights. The 40-metre spider lift is not just a machine; it represents a new era in access solutions, empowering professionals to reach new heights with confidence and ease.

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