May 24, 2024

Modified Dump Trucks for Tunnel Segment Transport

Modified Dump Trucks for Tunnel Segment Transport

Mostostal Warszawa, the Polish subsidiary of Spanish construction giant Acciona, has collaborated with Madrid-based Solintal LRD to modify two Volvo A35D and one A35E articulated dump trucks. These modifications aim to transport tunnel lining segments for a 2km tunnel project.

Key Modifications and Benefits:

  1. Structural Changes: The original 20 cubic meter boxes were replaced with lightweight structures, maintaining a load capacity of 28,000 kg while reducing unladen weight by nearly 2,000 kg per unit.
  2. Hydraulic System Upgrades: Replaced hydraulic drive elements, including hoses, cylinders, auxiliary components, and tipping mechanisms, to support the new lightweight design.
  3. Segment Transport Efficiency: The new attachment features a curvature tailored for loading segments with an outer radius of 7.3 meters, 600 mm thickness, and a maximum width of two meters, ensuring efficient and safe transport.

Enhanced Capability

These modifications not only maintain the permissible load capacity but also optimise the vehicles for the specific needs of tunnel segment transportation. This innovative approach showcases Mostostal Warszawa's commitment to enhancing efficiency and functionality in their construction projects.

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