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January 4, 2024

Komatsu's Green Revolution: Unveiling the PC138E-11 13-Tonne Battery-Powered Digger

Komatsu's Green Revolution: Unveiling the PC138E-11 13-Tonne Battery-Powered Digger

In a significant leap towards eco-friendly construction equipment, Komatsu is set to introduce the PC138E-11, a 13-tonne battery-powered digger. This machinery, powered by a lithium-ion battery, will first hit the Japanese market this month before making its European debut at the Intermat trade fair in Paris this April. The PC138E-11 not only showcases Komatsu's commitment to sustainability but also introduces innovative features aimed at enhancing operational efficiency.

Lithium-Ion Powerhouse

The PC138E-11 stands out as a testament to Komatsu's dedication to environmentally conscious construction practices. By utilising a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the digger aims to redefine the industry's standards for power sources. Komatsu has also integrated a sophisticated cooling system for the battery and electric components, ensuring a "long" operational time. While the exact duration is yet to be specified, this innovation signifies a significant step towards reducing environmental impact in construction activities.

Reduced Swing Radius for Enhanced Maneuverability

One notable feature of the PC138E-11 is its reduced rear-end swing radius. This design enhancement not only improves maneuverability in confined spaces but also contributes to a more efficient and adaptable construction process. The combination of a compact swing radius and battery-powered operation positions this Komatsu digger as a frontrunner in eco-conscious construction practices.

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance Kit

At the Intermat trade fair, Komatsu will showcase the PC138E-11 equipped with a Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit. This kit offers an accessible solution for adding 2D and 3D machine guidance to the digger, enhancing precision and efficiency in construction projects. The flexibility of customisation ensures that the machine can be tailored to specific customer configurations and operating conditions.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

Komatsu's PC138E-11 represents more than just a new product in their lineup; it symbolizes a commitment to a sustainable future in construction. As the industry shifts towards greener practices, innovations like the 13-tonne battery-powered digger showcase the potential for reduced environmental impact without compromising operational capabilities.


The introduction of the PC138E-11 marks a milestone in Komatsu's journey towards sustainable construction equipment. This 13-tonne battery-powered digger combines cutting-edge lithium-ion technology with design enhancements for increased efficiency. With its debut in Japan and upcoming European showcase at Intermat, Komatsu is set to make a lasting impact on the construction industry, paving the way for more eco-conscious practices.

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