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November 7, 2023

Driving Positive Change: National Highways' Inaugural Social Value Report

Driving Positive Change: National Highways' Inaugural Social Value Report


In a significant stride towards transparency and community impact, National Highways has released its first-ever Delivering Social Value annual report. This blog delves into the key highlights of the report, showcasing the agency's noteworthy initiatives aimed at creating positive change in the community. From habitat development projects to supporting military veterans and aiding international relief efforts, National Highways is not just building roads but actively contributing to social well-being.

Social Value in Action

National Highways' commitment to social value is vividly reflected in a range of projects undertaken over the past year. One notable initiative involves the transformation of land next to the A120 in Essex into a natural habitat for wild birds, exemplifying the agency's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Empowering Veterans

The agency's social impact extends to supporting military veterans, with a substantial donation of 50 laptops to aid veterans in their job-hunting endeavors. This initiative underscores National Highways' recognition of the importance of empowering veterans in their transition to civilian life.

Investing in Social Enterprise

National Highways demonstrates a commitment to creating meaningful employment opportunities through a £1.8 million investment in a social enterprise led by the Royal British Legion Industries. This initiative focuses on employing veterans and individuals with disabilities in the production of road signs, showcasing the agency's dedication to inclusivity.

International Aid Efforts

The agency's impact goes beyond national borders, with traffic officers from the East Midlands participating in multiple aid trips to Ukraine. Their efforts involved delivering essential supplies to refugees, exemplifying National Highways' commitment to global humanitarian causes.

Measuring Impact

The Delivering Social Value report provides insight into National Highways' approach to measuring the impact of its initiatives. From environmental conservation to community support, the agency sets a precedent for the construction industry by showcasing the tangible outcomes of its social value endeavors.


National Highways' inaugural Social Value Report is a testament to the agency's commitment to making a positive impact beyond infrastructure development. By actively engaging in projects that benefit the environment, support veterans, foster inclusivity, and contribute to international aid efforts, National Highways sets a commendable standard for the construction industry. As the agency continues to drive positive change, it reinforces the idea that infrastructure projects can be powerful agents of social value, creating lasting benefits for communities at large.

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