June 12, 2024

Banner Contracts Brings Cutting-Edge REMAX 600 Crusher to the UK

Banner Contracts Brings Cutting-Edge REMAX 600 Crusher to the UK

Darlington-based Banner Contracts has made a significant advancement in its operations by acquiring the SBM Remax 600 mobile impact crusher, a state-of-the-art machine that leverages artificial intelligence to produce aggregate of the perfect grade. Manufactured by Austrian company SBM Mineral Processing, part of the MPL Group, the Remax 600 represents a major innovation in the field of mobile autonomous crushers.

The Remax 600, launched in 2022, is the first machine of its kind to arrive in the UK. This acquisition underscores Banner Contracts' commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and output quality in aggregate production. The AI-driven capabilities of the Remax 600 are set to revolutionise the way aggregates are processed, ensuring optimal output with minimal manual intervention.

Advanced AI Technology

At the heart of the Remax 600 is its advanced artificial intelligence technology, which, combined with an array of sensors, allows the crusher to adapt dynamically to produce the perfect grade of aggregate. This intelligent system ensures that the machine can consistently deliver high-quality material, tailored to specific requirements.

Impressive Capabilities

The SBM Remax 600 boasts impressive specifications that make it a standout in the market:

  • Feed Capacity: Capable of handling up to 600 tonnes per hour, the machine ensures high productivity.
  • Material Handling: It can accommodate material feed up to 900mm in size, showcasing its robustness in processing large inputs.
  • Output Flexibility: The plant can produce up to five different fractions in a single cycle, offering versatility in output.
  • Weight and Mobility: Despite its maximum weight of 75 tonnes, the Remax 600 is designed for mobility, making it suitable for various on-site crushing tasks.

The integration of the Remax 600 into Banner Contracts' operations is expected to significantly boost efficiency and product quality. By utilising AI to automate and optimise the crushing process, the company can reduce downtime and manual labor, ultimately leading to cost savings and higher output consistency.

A Step Forward for the Industry

Banner Contracts' investment in the Remax 600 not only enhances its own capabilities but also sets a precedent for the industry. As the first UK-based company to adopt this advanced technology, Banner Contracts is leading the way in showcasing the potential benefits of AI in aggregate production. This move highlights the growing importance of technological innovation in the construction and mining sectors, paving the way for further advancements.

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