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November 9, 2023

AmcoGiffen Triumphs: Engineering Excellence and Community Impact Honored

AmcoGiffen Triumphs: Engineering Excellence and Community Impact Honored


In a testament to the power of community-focused engineering, AmcoGiffen has clinched the prestigious Community Benefit Award at the Yorkshire Regional Group Institution of Structural Engineers Awards. The recognition comes in the wake of the team's remarkable work on the Tottenham North Curve Tunnel project, displaying both engineering prowess and a commitment to community enhancement. This blog delves into the noteworthy achievements that secured AmcoGiffen's success and the positive impact of their collaboration with Kentish Town City Farm.

Engineering with a Purpose

AmcoGiffen's triumph at the awards ceremony is rooted in their dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond structural excellence. The Tottenham North Curve Tunnel project served as the canvas for their innovative approach, demonstrating that engineering can be a catalyst for positive change in local communities.

Understanding Community Needs

A standout feature of AmcoGiffen's success lies in their proactive approach to understanding and addressing community needs. Before embarking on the project, the Barnsley-based team conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify how their work could add lasting value while minimising impact. This commitment to community welfare sets a commendable precedent in the engineering industry.

Building Lasting Relationships

AmcoGiffen's success extends beyond technical accomplishments; it highlights the significance of building strong relationships with local communities. The collaboration with Kentish Town City Farm exemplifies effective communication and consultation, fostering a partnership that goes beyond the project's completion.

Supporting Local Initiatives

The project's success is not measured solely in structural achievements but also in the tangible support provided to Kentish Town City Farm. AmcoGiffen utilised their skills and expertise to develop ways that effectively supported local people and enhanced the farm's facilities. This approach showcases the potential for engineering projects to serve as catalysts for positive community development.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

The key to AmcoGiffen's success lies in their commitment to effective communication and collaboration. By consulting with the community and working closely with the farm, they ensured that the project aligned with local needs and priorities. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the project's success but also left a positive legacy in the community.


AmcoGiffen's recognition with the Community Benefit Award underscores the transformative potential of engineering when coupled with a genuine commitment to community welfare. The Tottenham North Curve Tunnel project exemplifies a harmonious balance between structural excellence and positive community impact. As the industry continues to evolve, AmcoGiffen's success serves as a beacon, inspiring engineers to consider the broader societal implications of their work and actively contribute to the betterment of the communities they serve.

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