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November 16, 2023

Willmott Dixon Boosts Safety Measures with Innovative Harness On System for Boom Lifts

Willmott Dixon Boosts Safety Measures with Innovative Harness On System for Boom Lifts


In a significant move towards enhancing workplace safety, construction giant Willmott Dixon has mandated the use of a groundbreaking safety harness attachment in all boom lift platforms across its construction sites. The innovative safety system, known as Harness On, was developed by Nationwide Platforms and promises to revolutionise the way mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are operated, ensuring an extra layer of protection for workers at heights.

The Harness On System

The Harness On system is a state-of-the-art safety solution designed to mitigate risks associated with operating boom lifts. Developed by Nationwide Platforms, a reputable hire company, this system introduces an intelligent anchor point that is seamlessly integrated into the operation of MEWPs. The key feature of this system is its ability to disable the basket controls of the boom lift unless the operator's harness lanyard is correctly attached to the special intelligent anchor point.

How It Works

The system employs an inductive ring, located on the MEWP, which forms a complete connection when the operator's harness lanyard is properly attached to the intelligent anchor point. This connection is facilitated by the carabiner on the harness, allowing an electrical current to flow and enabling the boom lift to be operational. Essentially, the Harness On system acts as a fail-safe mechanism, ensuring that the MEWP cannot be activated unless the operator is safely harnessed to the anchor point.

Implications for Safety

Willmott Dixon's decision to mandate the Harness On system reflects a strong commitment to prioritising safety on construction sites. By integrating this innovative technology, the company is taking proactive measures to minimise the risks associated with working at heights. The system's ability to disable the MEWP unless the operator is properly harnessed serves as a crucial preventive measure, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing overall workplace safety.

Collaboration with Nationwide Platforms

The collaboration between Willmott Dixon and Nationwide Platforms underscores the importance of industry-wide partnerships in advancing safety standards. Nationwide Platforms' expertise in the field of equipment hire has culminated in the development of a groundbreaking safety solution that aligns with Willmott Dixon's commitment to excellence in construction practices.


Willmott Dixon's decision to mandate the use of the Harness On system sets a new benchmark for safety standards in the construction industry. By prioritising the well-being of workers through innovative solutions, the company not only demonstrates leadership but also encourages the wider adoption of advanced safety technologies across the sector. The Harness On system stands as a testament to the industry's continuous efforts to evolve and ensure that construction sites remain safe and secure environments for all workers.

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