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March 11, 2024

UKGBC Proposes New Scope 3 Reporting Methods for Embodied Carbon in Construction

UKGBC Proposes New Scope 3 Reporting Methods for Embodied Carbon in Construction

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has released new guidance on measuring and reporting Scope 3 embodied carbon emissions in the built environment. These emissions, representing up to 95% of an organisation’s carbon footprint, are crucial for comprehensive carbon accounting.

Key Highlights:

  1. Unified Methodology: The guidance advocates for a singular methodology to replace siloed reporting efforts.
  2. Mandatory Reporting: UKGBC calls for mandatory whole-life carbon measurement for projects over 1,000 sqm or 10 dwellings.
  3. Legal Limits: Future legal limits on upfront embodied carbon emissions are recommended, with regular revisions and tightening.
  4. Project-Based Disclosure: Encourages architects and engineers to adopt project-based emissions disclosure for better accountability and transparency.

Impact on the Industry

This guidance aims to align and improve current reporting practices, enhancing the clarity and transparency of carbon emissions data. By doing so, it hopes to drive more sustainable design and construction practices across the industry.

For more detailed information, you can read the full guidance on the UKGBC website.

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