May 16, 2024

Transforming Tunnel Infrastructure with Robotic AI

Transforming Tunnel Infrastructure with Robotic AI

A new project is set to revolutionise tunnel infrastructure installation, promising significant advancements in safety, efficiency, and sustainability. This initiative involves leaders in mechanical and civil engineering, and robotic automation, including Tunnel Engineering Services (UK) Ltd (TES), i3D robotics (i3D), the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Costain, and VVB Engineering.

The Automated Tunnel Robotic Installation System (ATRIS)

The centerpiece of this transformation is the Automated Tunnel Robotic Installation System (ATRIS). This robotic and AI solution autonomously handles the installation of mechanical and civil services in tunnels, tasks traditionally known for being hazardous and labor-intensive.

How ATRIS Works

ATRIS autonomously selects brackets, locates their mounting positions along tunnel walls, and installs them. This enhances precision and significantly improves on-site safety by reducing the risks associated with manual labor, such as working at height and hand-arm vibration.

Key Benefits

  1. Increased Productivity: ATRIS can accelerate the installation process by 40%.
  2. Cost Reduction: It is projected to lower the costs of new mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems by 30%.
  3. Sustainability: By reducing construction plant movements by 40%, ATRIS helps decrease embodied carbon.

ATRIS is applicable across various sectors that utilise tunnel construction, including transport, water, and energy, ensuring safer, more efficient, and sustainable infrastructure development.

The ATRIS project highlights the transformative potential of robotic AI solutions in tunnel construction. With promises of increased productivity, cost savings, and enhanced sustainability, ATRIS is set to revolutionise tunnel construction practices.

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