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March 11, 2024

TfL Unveils Ambitious Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan

TfL Unveils Ambitious Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a comprehensive Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan to enhance and sustain biodiversity across its vast estate. Aligned with TfL’s Corporate Environment Plan, the initiative aims to foster greener urban spaces and improve environmental resilience.

Key Commitments:

  1. Biodiversity Net Gain: Achieve a 10% net gain on applicable schemes starting February 2024 and across TfL’s estate by 2030, compared to the 2018 baseline.
  2. Tree Canopy Expansion: Increase tree canopy cover by 10% by 2050, compared to 2016 levels.
  3. Wildflower Verges: Double wildflower verges to 260,000 square meters by 2024.
  4. Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS): Install 5,000 square meters of SuDS annually on TfL’s road network.
  5. Pesticide Reduction: Continue reducing pesticide use, aiming for elimination where feasible.

As one of London’s largest landowners, TfL oversees over 2,300 hectares of land, a third of which is vegetated, providing crucial habitats for numerous species. The plan includes protecting soil health, improving habitat connectivity, and supporting species such as butterflies and bats. TfL’s earlier natural capital account valued its green assets at £328 million, highlighting the financial and ecological benefits of its green initiatives.

TfL is committed to sustainable practices, including transitioning to a zero-emission bus fleet by 2034, improving energy efficiency, and utilising renewable energy. The organisation aims to make green spaces more accessible, enhancing the well-being of London’s residents and wildlife alike.

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