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March 12, 2024

Solar Road Stud Seeks Approval

Solar Road Stud Seeks Approval

The WJ Group, a renowned road markings specialist, is currently testing an innovative product – the SolarLite Click. This solar-powered active road stud, sold by Clearview Intelligence, is undergoing live road trials to achieve the coveted Department for Transport BS EN1463 type approval. If successful, this approval could pave the way for widespread adoption of the technology across the UK’s road network.

What is the SolarLite Click?

The SolarLite Click is the latest addition to Clearview Intelligence's range of solar-powered active road studs. Designed to improve road safety, these studs are embedded in the road surface and powered by photovoltaic (PV) technology. They illuminate road markings, making them highly visible to drivers even in adverse weather conditions and during nighttime.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Innovative Design and Easy Installation: The SolarLite Click is designed to be clicked into a standard P09 cast iron housing, which is installed into the road surface. This innovative design allows for quick and easy installation, significantly reducing the time and disruption typically associated with road maintenance and safety upgrades.
  2. Sustainable and Cost-Effective: A standout feature of the SolarLite Click is its sustainability. The PV element of the stud has a lifespan of approximately eight years. At the end of its natural life, the unit can be effortlessly popped out of its housing and replaced, all without impacting the road surface. This reduces the need for frequent and costly road repairs, offering a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution in the long run.
  3. Retrofit Capability: The use of standard housing, which has already been widely implemented across the road network, presents a significant opportunity for retrofitting. This means existing road systems can be easily upgraded to incorporate the SolarLite Click, enhancing road safety without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.

The Road to Approval

The WJ Group is conducting rigorous live road trials to ensure the SolarLite Click meets the stringent standards required for Department for Transport BS EN1463 type approval. This approval is essential as it verifies that the product meets the necessary safety, performance, and durability standards for use on public roads.

If the SolarLite Click receives approval, it could revolutionise road safety measures across the UK. Enhanced visibility provided by these solar-powered studs can significantly reduce road accidents, particularly in low-light conditions and adverse weather. Furthermore, the sustainable nature of the product aligns with broader environmental goals, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprints associated with road maintenance and upgrades.


The SolarLite Click represents a significant advancement in road safety technology. Its innovative design, sustainability, and potential for easy retrofitting make it a promising solution for modernising the UK’s road infrastructure. As WJ Group continues its trials, the road safety community keenly awaits the results, hopeful that this product will soon become a standard feature on roads nationwide.

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