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January 12, 2024

Siemens Boosts Rail Safety with Tended's Geofencing

Siemens Boosts Rail Safety with Tended's Geofencing

Siemens Mobility has officially launched the nationwide deployment of Tended's cutting-edge geofencing technology. This expansion comes after a successful six-month pilot phase, during which Siemens rigorously tested the technology across diverse teams and work activities to ensure its adaptability to the complex projects inherent in the rail sector.

Tended's Pioneering Geofencing Technology

Tended, recognised as a market leader in developing innovative solutions leveraging geospatial technology, brings its expertise to enhance worksite safety for Siemens Mobility. The geofencing solution will play a crucial role in providing an additional layer of protection for Siemens' trackside teams, as well as efficiently managing and tracking key assets and vehicles.

Enhancing Worksite Visibility and Safety

Siemens' adoption of Tended's geofencing technology aims to achieve full worksite visibility by offering real-time location tracking of vehicles, including Rail Response Vehicles (RRVs) and trolleys. This live tracking capability enables the swift identification of any unsafe events, empowering teams to respond promptly and effectively.

For on-site workers, the technology ensures adherence to safety protocols by confirming that teams access sites in the correct location and work on the designated rail line. An added safety feature alerts workers if they approach any lines that are still open to traffic, preventing potential accidents and promoting a secure working environment.

The Geofencing Advantage

Geofencing technology creates virtual boundaries within physical spaces, enabling organisations to monitor and control activities within predefined areas. In the context of Siemens Mobility, Tended's geofencing solution acts as a digital safety perimeter, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Siemens Mobility's national rollout of Tended's geofencing technology marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to prioritise safety within the rail industry. By leveraging innovative solutions, such as geofencing, Siemens demonstrates a commitment to creating a secure work environment for trackside teams and ensuring the responsible management of key assets and vehicles. This deployment sets a precedent for the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the rail sector, fostering a safer and more efficient future for railway operations nationwide.

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