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November 17, 2023

Shaping Tomorrow: AtkinsRéalis Inspires Future Leaders in Embedding Social Value Outcomes

Shaping Tomorrow: AtkinsRéalis Inspires Future Leaders in Embedding Social Value Outcomes


AtkinsRéalis is at the forefront of cultivating a new era of industry leaders by inspiring and empowering the next generation of built environment professionals. Through a series of impactful events, the organisation is championing the integration of social value outcomes into development projects. This blog explores how AtkinsRéalis is fostering awareness of the lasting impact social value can have on areas affected by development, setting the stage for a future where the industry serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Empowering Future Leaders

AtkinsRéalis recognises the pivotal role the next generation of industry professionals will play in shaping the future. The events orchestrated by the organisation aim to inspire and empower these emerging leaders, providing them with the knowledge and tools to embed social value outcomes seamlessly into their work. By doing so, AtkinsRéalis is sowing the seeds for a more socially conscious and responsible industry.

Unveiling the Long-Lasting Impact

Central to the events is the exploration of the enduring impact and legacy that social value outcomes can bring to areas affected by development and large-scale infrastructure projects. AtkinsRéalis is shedding light on the transformative power of integrating social value into the industry's ethos, demonstrating that development projects can go beyond physical structures to leave a positive and lasting mark on communities.

Social Value as a Tool for Change

The themed sessions within the events delve into the concept of social value as a tool for change. AtkinsRéalis is leading discussions on how industry professionals can leverage social value outcomes to effect positive transformations in their projects. By fostering a deeper understanding of the role social value plays in catalysing change, the organisation is equipping future leaders with the mindset needed to create a more sustainable and socially responsible built environment.

The Vision for the Future

AtkinsRéalis isn't just inspiring for the present; it's casting a vision for the future. The events provide insights into what the industry will look like in the years to come when social value is deeply embedded in development projects. The organisation is guiding the next generation towards a future where every structure built contributes not just to physical landscapes but to the well-being and prosperity of communities.


AtkinsRéalis's commitment to inspiring and empowering the next generation of built environment professionals marks a transformative moment for the industry. By focusing on embedding social value outcomes into development projects, the organisation is cultivating a future where the impact of construction extends far beyond the structures themselves. AtkinsRéalis is nurturing leaders who understand the intrinsic connection between development and social responsibility, setting the stage for a more sustainable and socially conscious built environment.

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