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October 30, 2023

RIBA Launches Principal Designer Register: A Step Towards Enhanced Safety in Construction

RIBA Launches Principal Designer Register: A Step Towards Enhanced Safety in Construction


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has introduced the sector's first-ever principal designer register. This initiative aims to empower architects, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their competence in the crucial role of principal designer as mandated by England's new Building Regulations, which came into effect in August 2023.

The Role of the Principal Designer

Under the revised Building Regulations, it is now a requirement for every construction project to appoint a principal designer. This individual or organisation is designated by the client to spearhead the planning, management, monitoring, and coordination of health and safety aspects, as well as ensuring compliance with building regulations during the design phase of a project. This emphasis on safety aligns with a broader industry commitment to creating secure and sustainable built environments.

RIBA's Principal Designer Register

RIBA's initiative allows individual UK RIBA chartered members to establish their competence for the principal designer role through a meticulous three-stage assessment process. The process includes a comprehensive test, the submission of a resume detailing training, skills, and experience, and an interview stage. This rigorous evaluation ensures that those included in the register possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to excel in the principal designer role.

Key Components of the Assessment Process:

  1. Comprehensive Test: Applicants will undergo a thorough examination designed to assess their understanding of the responsibilities and complexities associated with the principal designer role. This step ensures that registered individuals are well-versed in the latest safety standards and regulations.
  2. Resume Submission: Candidates are required to submit a detailed resume outlining their training, skills, and experience relevant to the principal designer role. This component of the assessment process enables a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's professional background.
  3. Interview Stage: The final stage involves a detailed interview, allowing applicants to elaborate on their experiences and competencies. This personalised interaction provides a holistic view of the candidate's readiness for the principal designer role.

Subscription and Renewal

To maintain their status on the principal designer register, RIBA chartered members will be subject to a subscription fee and will need to reapply every five years. This periodic reassessment ensures that individuals on the register remain updated on industry standards and continue to meet the evolving demands of the role.


RIBA's establishment of the principal designer register is a commendable step towards fostering a culture of safety and excellence in the construction industry. By providing a platform for architects to demonstrate their competence in this critical role, RIBA contributes to the creation of safer and more resilient built environments. As architects embrace this opportunity to showcase their expertise, the industry can look forward to a future marked by heightened safety standards and a renewed commitment to delivering construction projects that prioritise the well-being of all stakeholders.

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