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December 11, 2023

Revolutionising Roadworks: National Highways Embrace AI Solutions

Revolutionising Roadworks: National Highways Embrace AI Solutions


National Highways (NH) is taking a leap forward in tackling roadwork disruptions by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). After an extensive evaluation process, NH has selected three innovative proposals that leverage AI technology to minimise traffic disruptions caused by roadworks. These cutting-edge solutions promise not only reduced delays but also an enhanced road user experience. Let's explore the transformative AI-driven initiatives poised to revolutionise roadworks across the UK.

AI-Powered Solutions

  1. Alchera Technologies & Costain Collaboration: Based in Cambridge, Alchera Technologies is set to deploy AI to revolutionise roadwork planning. Their aim is to comprehensively understand the impacts of different roadworks and closures. By optimising roadwork planning through AI analysis, the collaboration with Costain seeks to minimise delays and choose the best options for road users.
  2. Robok & Balfour Beatty Collaboration: Also headquartered in Cambridge, Robok's AI-powered computer vision technology is slated to analyse CCTV footage. This innovative approach will offer detailed insights into the behaviors of both road users and roadworkers. By understanding these behaviors, Balfour Beatty aims to enhance road user experiences during roadworks.
  3. WordNerds' Insightful Approach with Kier and Costain: WordNerds, based in Gateshead, plans to leverage AI-powered text analytics to gauge public perception of roadworks. This unique approach aims to provide invaluable insights that can guide National Highways in making evidence-based improvements to planned roadworks. The collaboration with Kier and Costain aims to optimise roadwork strategies based on public perception.

Future Impact

The adoption of AI-driven solutions by NH represents a significant step towards easing roadwork-related disruptions. These initiatives promise not only minimised traffic delays but also a fundamental shift in understanding and improving road user experiences during construction.

By harnessing AI's analytical power, NH aims to:

  • Minimise disruptions caused by roadworks
  • Optimise roadwork planning for smoother traffic flow
  • Enhance road user experiences through a better understanding of behaviors and public perception


The National Highways' decision to trial AI-powered solutions for roadworks reflects a commitment to innovation and improving the quality of transportation infrastructure. With these forward-thinking approaches, NH is at the forefront of leveraging technology to transform the roadworks landscape, ensuring a more efficient, user-centric, and disruption-free road network across the UK. These AI-driven trials hold the promise of not just easing roadwork angst but also setting a precedent for smarter infrastructure management globally.

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