June 6, 2024

Railway Electrical Control System Achieves Major Upgrade Milestone

Railway Electrical Control System Achieves Major Upgrade Milestone

Telent has marked a significant achievement in its ongoing project with Network Rail by successfully commissioning a major upgrade to the railway electrical control system at Raynes Park in London. This development is part of Telent's broader effort to deliver a national SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) platform for Network Rail, enhancing the safety and efficiency of railway operations across the UK.

Successful Testing and Implementation

The new SCADA Traction Power Centralised Management System (TPCMS) was thoroughly tested at key locations, including the Manchester and Three Bridges Rail Operating Centres (ROCs) and the Raynes Park Electrical Control Room (ECR). These tests ensured the system's reliability and functionality before its official implementation.

Telent's latest version of TPCMS offers advanced capabilities for monitoring and controlling Network Rail's traction power network. As a single national SCADA system, it meets the requirements of all control areas, providing increased resilience and enhanced functionality. This centralised management system supports safer and more efficient operations by allowing for comprehensive oversight and control of the traction power network.

The project, which began with a contract awarded to Telent by Network Rail in 2013, aims to replace all existing and outdated SCADA systems with a unified national platform. This new system will enable local control while integrating both AC and DC traction power electrification networks. Additionally, it will manage electrification system-derived supplies and connect to over 1,200 remote outstations, ensuring it meets all current and future electrification SCADA needs throughout its service life.

Benefits of the Upgrade

The implementation of the new TPCMS offers several key benefits:

  • Increased Resilience: By consolidating control into a single, robust system, the railway network can better withstand operational disruptions.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The advanced features of the new SCADA system improve the ability to monitor and manage the traction power network effectively.
  • Improved Safety and Efficiency: Centralised control allows for quicker responses to issues, reducing downtime and enhancing overall safety.

Once fully installed nationwide, the TPCMS will revolutionise how Network Rail manages its electrification infrastructure. The system's ability to handle both present and future electrification needs ensures long-term value and reliability. Telent's successful delivery of this upgrade demonstrates its commitment to advancing railway technology and supporting Network Rail's mission to provide safe, reliable, and efficient rail services.

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