May 14, 2024

Rail Health and Safety Strategy 2024-2029: A New Vision

Rail Health and Safety Strategy 2024-2029: A New Vision

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has unveiled its comprehensive Rail Health and Safety Strategy for 2024-2029. Developed with the collaboration of the System Safety Risk Group and the Rail Wellbeing Alliance, and overseen by the Rail Industry Health and Safety Executive Advisory Group, this five-year strategy is poised to tackle the evolving challenges of the rail industry.

Aiming for Excellence

While Britain's railways are already among the safest globally, the RSSB recognises that the pursuit of safety is a continuous journey. The new strategy underscores the need for ongoing collaboration within the industry to address shared risks and deliver a secure and efficient railway system for both passengers and freight customers. The vision is ambitious: to have the world’s healthiest, safest, and most affordable railway.

Key Focus Areas

The strategy identifies three primary areas of focus, each essential to achieving the overarching vision:

  1. Making Rail More Attractive: Enhancing the appeal of rail transport is crucial for increasing passenger numbers and freight usage. This involves improving the overall experience, ensuring punctuality, and providing reliable services that can compete with other modes of transport.
  2. Enhanced Safety Management: The strategy emphasises the importance of robust safety management systems. This includes leveraging high-quality data to identify risks, implementing effective safety measures, and continually monitoring and improving safety practices across the network.
  3. Prioritising Workforce Wellbeing: Recognising that a healthy and motivated workforce is key to operational success, the strategy places significant emphasis on employee wellbeing. Initiatives will be aimed at ensuring the physical and mental health of rail workers, creating a supportive and safe working environment.

Collaboration and Data Sharing

A critical component of the new strategy is fostering collaboration across the industry. By sharing high-quality data and best practices, stakeholders can take informed actions and measure progress effectively. This collaborative approach is essential for addressing the complex challenges facing the rail sector, from cost management to performance optimisation.

The refreshed strategy is designed to address several pressing challenges:

  • Cost Management: Ensuring that safety improvements and operational enhancements are cost-effective.
  • Performance and Reliability: Maintaining high standards of performance and reliability to meet the expectations of passengers and freight customers.
  • Safety and Wellbeing Risks: Proactively managing and mitigating safety risks and prioritising the wellbeing of the workforce.

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