May 23, 2024

Piling Giant Enhances Safety with Innovative Human Detection System

Piling Giant Enhances Safety with Innovative Human Detection System

Cementation Skanska, a leading piling and ground engineering specialist, has announced the installation of Spillard Safety Systems' Human Detection System on all its piling rigs and cranes. This advanced safety measure aims to prevent accidents and improve operational safety across construction sites.

Cutting-Edge Safety Technology

The Spillard Safety Systems' Human Detection System represents the latest in safety technology. By utilising a series of cameras mounted at the base of the equipment, the system can detect people or objects that come too close to a designated red exclusion zone. Once a potential risk is identified, the system automatically halts the tracking and slewing movements of the machine, significantly reducing the likelihood of contact. Additionally, an audible alarm sounds to alert both the operator and nearby workers of the potential danger.

Operators benefit from a comprehensive 360-degree view of their surroundings through a screen installed in the cab. This feature allows operators to take immediate evasive action if they spot any risks within their area of operation. The system also includes an external digital display on the cab, enabling the operator to communicate a green 'thumbs up' signal and play a recorded message to inform nearby personnel that it is safe to approach or pass by the equipment.

One of the standout features of the Human Detection System is its flexibility. Detection zones can be customised to suit different types of equipment, work activities, and environmental conditions. This adaptability ensures that the safety system can be effectively deployed in various construction scenarios, enhancing overall site safety.

The Spillard Live intuitive platform adds another layer of safety management by providing real-time data communication with the site team and a central control hub. The platform captures live alerts, video footage of incidents, and detailed information including the date, time, and location of events. This data is crucial for incident analysis and ongoing safety improvements.

Industry Impact

The introduction of the Human Detection System by Cementation Skanska is a significant step forward in construction site safety. By leveraging advanced technology to proactively prevent accidents, the company sets a new standard for safety in the industry. This initiative not only protects workers but also enhances operational efficiency by reducing downtime caused by accidents and near-misses.

Cementation Skanska's commitment to safety through the adoption of Spillard Safety Systems' Human Detection System demonstrates a proactive approach to risk management. This innovative technology is poised to make a substantial impact on construction site safety, providing operators with enhanced situational awareness and ensuring that all personnel can work in a safer environment.

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