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April 9, 2024

Perth Saves Big with Innovative Plastic Sewer Solutions

Perth Saves Big with Innovative Plastic Sewer Solutions

Morrison Water Services and Aecom, operating as the Caledonia Water Alliance, have installed 520 meters of 2.25-meter diameter reinforced steel composite pipes in Perth. Sourced from Lancashire-based manufacturer Aquaspira, this innovative approach has yielded significant savings in both time and resources.

Innovative Use of Plastic Pipes

Traditionally, sewer systems have relied on concrete pipes due to their strength and durability. However, the Caledonia Water Alliance's decision to use reinforced steel composite plastic pipes from Aquaspira has demonstrated several key advantages over conventional methods.

One of the most notable benefits of using plastic pipes is the substantial reduction in transport weight. The project has saved approximately 5,000 tonnes in transport weight, directly contributing to an estimated carbon savings of 234 tonnes. This reduction in carbon emissions underscores the environmental benefits of opting for lighter, yet durable, materials in large-scale infrastructure projects.

The use of plastic pipes has also proven to be a time-saver on site. Unlike concrete pipes, plastic pipes require less excavation, which significantly speeds up the installation process. It is estimated that this approach will reduce the overall site installation time by approximately eight to ten weeks. Such efficiency not only cuts down on labor costs but also minimises the disruption to the surrounding community.

Aquaspira's solution goes beyond just pipes; it includes prefabricated, push-fit access units that simplify the installation of manholes. Traditionally, installing a manhole can take around four days. However, with Aquaspira’s prefabricated units, this time is drastically reduced to just about an hour. This innovation further contributes to the overall time savings and efficiency of the project.

The successful implementation of reinforced steel composite plastic pipes in Perth sets a precedent for future sewer projects. The combined benefits of reduced weight, lower carbon emissions, faster installation times, and advanced prefabricated solutions make a compelling case for the widespread adoption of this technology.


Perth's innovative approach to sewer installations, spearheaded by Morrison Water Services and Aecom, is a testament to the potential of modern engineering solutions in enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

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