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December 20, 2023

Penrhyn Bay Project: Jones Bros' Innovative Conservation of Rare Marine Life

Penrhyn Bay Project: Jones Bros' Innovative Conservation of Rare Marine Life


Welsh civil engineering contractor Jones Bros has undertaken an extraordinary task – the relocation of an entire colony of rare marine organisms. The colony, consisting of honeycomb reef worms (sabellaria alveolate), posed a unique challenge for the new Penrhyn Bay project. The initiative, aimed at constructing a T-shaped groyne to combat erosion and minimise the impact of stormy weather and associated flooding, showcases Jones Bros' commitment to environmental conservation.

The Challenge and Solution

The honeycomb reef worms, a rare species, found themselves in the path of progress as Jones Bros embarked on the Penrhyn Bay project. Rather than disrupting their habitat, the construction company took an innovative approach by carefully extracting large sections of the reef from under the footprint of the new groyne. This delicate operation was executed with precision to ensure the preservation of the honeycomb's original orientation and structure.

Conservation Through Relocation

The relocation of the honeycomb reef worms to their new habitat is a testament to Jones Bros' dedication to ecological preservation. The company's ability to seamlessly integrate the needs of marine life with the demands of a construction project showcases a harmonious approach to development and environmental stewardship. This unique initiative reflects a conscious effort to balance progress with the protection of rare and fragile ecosystems.

Environmental Impact Mitigation

The Penrhyn Bay project not only seeks to enhance coastal resilience through the construction of the T-shaped groyne but also demonstrates a commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of construction activities. By relocating the honeycomb reef worms rather than displacing or harming them, Jones Bros exemplifies a responsible and sustainable approach to infrastructure development.

Preserving Biodiversity

The successful relocation of the honeycomb reef worms highlights the importance of preserving biodiversity even in the face of necessary construction projects. Jones Bros' achievement in creating a new home for these rare marine organisms contributes to the broader conversation about responsible and eco-friendly development, setting a positive example for the construction industry.


Jones Bros' world-first initiative to relocate a colony of honeycomb reef worms in the Penrhyn Bay project is a remarkable fusion of construction and environmental conservation. This groundbreaking approach not only showcases the company's commitment to sustainability but also serves as an inspiration for future projects, emphasising the possibility of harmonious coexistence between infrastructure development and the preservation of rare ecosystems. The Penrhyn Bay project stands as a testament to the potential for innovative solutions that prioritise both progress and environmental stewardship.

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