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December 1, 2023

Network Rail Inspires Safety Awareness through Children's Poster Competition

Network Rail Inspires Safety Awareness through Children's Poster Competition

In a proactive move to instill the importance of railway safety, Network Rail has engaged the creative minds of school children in Leicestershire. The initiative, centered around a poster competition at Kibworth Church of England Primary School, is part of Network Rail's comprehensive efforts to educate and raise awareness about the potential dangers associated with railway activities. With major upgrades underway on the Midland Main Line, which runs in close proximity to the school, the competition not only educates but also involves the local community in promoting safer practices around the railway.

The Learning Journey

Pupils at Kibworth Church of England Primary School have delved into crucial aspects of railway safety, including the hazards of trespassing, the dangers posed by electrified lines, and the proper usage of level crossings. This educational focus is a direct response to Network Rail's ongoing upgrades to the Midland Main Line, aiming to ensure that the community, especially school children, remains well-informed and vigilant around railway areas.

A Bridge to Safety

As part of the upgrade project, Network Rail has installed a temporary bridge over the railway near the Grammar School bridge – a popular walking route for students traveling to and from the school. This temporary structure not only facilitates safe passage but has also become a canvas for the creativity of the pupils.

Poster Competition Unveiled

Network Rail launched a poster competition at Kibworth Church of England Primary School, inviting students to design safety posters that highlight the key principles of railway safety. The winning posters have found a prominent place on the temporary footbridge, serving as a constant reminder to pedestrians of all ages about the critical importance of practicing safety when in proximity to railway lines.

Empowering the Community

The poster competition is not just an artistic endeavor; it represents a collaborative effort to empower the local community, especially children, with the knowledge and awareness needed to navigate railway areas safely. By involving the pupils directly in the educational process, Network Rail ensures that the message of railway safety resonates more profoundly.

A Lasting Reminder

The safety posters, adorning the temporary footbridge, stand as a lasting reminder of the collective responsibility to prioritize safety around railways. This initiative not only contributes to the immediate safety of those using the bridge but also serves as a broader educational campaign, promoting awareness and caution in railway environments.


Network Rail's railway safety poster competition at Kibworth Church of England Primary School is a commendable initiative that goes beyond traditional safety campaigns. By actively involving school children in the process, Network Rail not only educates the younger generation but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility within the community. As the safety posters become a part of the landscape near the temporary footbridge, they act as a constant visual reminder, contributing to a safer and more aware community around railway areas.

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