July 3, 2023

Network Rail Celebrates Milestone Achievement in Pursuit of a Greener Railway

Network Rail Celebrates Milestone Achievement in Pursuit of a Greener Railway

In a significant stride towards a more sustainable future, Network Rail is making remarkable progress in its commitment to a greener railway system. Recently, the company achieved a milestone as 75 percent of its suppliers, based on emissions, pledged to implement science-based emissions targets. This achievement reflects a collective effort to drive positive change within the rail industry and represents a crucial step in the journey towards a low-carbon and environmentally responsible railway network.

Suppliers Embrace Sustainability Targets

Network Rail's ambitious sustainability targets have received overwhelming support from its suppliers, who have demonstrated their dedication to reducing emissions in line with science-based practices. By committing to implement science-based emissions targets, these suppliers are taking responsibility for their environmental impact and actively participating in the effort to combat climate change.

Cross-Industry Collaboration for a Greener Future

To engage with its suppliers effectively and encourage them to set ambitious emissions reduction goals, Network Rail has organised four cross-industry Science Based Target workshops over the past 18 months. These workshops brought together key players in the rail industry, including National Highways, HS2, HS1, TFL, and East West Rail, to collaboratively address the challenges of sustainability and share practical information to guide suppliers on their journey to cut emissions.

Practical Steps Towards Emission Reduction

The commitment of Network Rail's suppliers to implement science-based emissions targets demonstrates a concrete dedication to making measurable progress in reducing their carbon footprint. Science-based targets are crucial in ensuring that emission reduction goals are aligned with the global effort to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

A Brighter Future for Rail Sustainability

Network Rail's relentless drive for a greener railway is a testament to the rail industry's growing awareness of the urgency of sustainability and the need for collective action. With suppliers and key industry players on board, the path to a more environmentally responsible rail network becomes clearer and more achievable.

This milestone achievement by Network Rail sets a positive precedent for other organisations and industries to embrace science-based sustainability targets and work collaboratively towards a greener future.

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