May 3, 2024

Morgan Sindall Enhances Carbon Calculator with AI Integration

Morgan Sindall Enhances Carbon Calculator with AI Integration

Morgan Sindall Construction is set to revolutionise its CarboniCa whole life carbon measurement tool with the help of a £1 million grant from Innovate UK. By integrating artificial intelligence, the company aims to significantly enhance the tool's capabilities, making carbon assessments faster and more accurate.

The CarboniCa tool, already a vital asset in assessing the carbon footprint of construction projects, is poised for a major upgrade. Morgan Sindall is collaborating with Nottingham Trent University and Warrington-based software company ConstructSys to incorporate AI algorithms that will automate data collection and evaluation processes.

Key Benefits of AI Integration

  • Efficiency Improvement: The integration of AI is expected to accelerate the process of creating whole life carbon assessments (WLCAs) by up to 85%. This drastic reduction in time will allow for more rapid project evaluations.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: AI will improve the precision of carbon measurements, ensuring that data is more reliable and comprehensive.
  • Automated Data Collection: AI algorithms will streamline the collection and analysis of data, reducing the manual effort required and minimising the risk of human error.
  • Scalable Solutions: The AI-enhanced CarboniCa tool will be scalable, making it easier to apply to a wide range of construction projects, from small developments to large-scale infrastructure.

Collaborative Efforts

The partnership with Nottingham Trent University brings academic rigor and innovative research to the project, ensuring that the latest advancements in AI are effectively utilised. ConstructSys, with its expertise in software development, will play a crucial role in implementing these AI solutions within the CarboniCa tool.

Impact on the Construction Industry

The enhanced CarboniCa tool will provide the construction industry with a powerful means to assess and reduce carbon footprints. By making whole life carbon assessments quicker and more accurate, it supports the industry's shift towards more sustainable practices. This development aligns with broader environmental goals, promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the adoption of eco-friendly building methods.

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