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February 20, 2024

McLaren's Material Recycling in House of Fraser Revamp

McLaren's Material Recycling in House of Fraser Revamp

McLaren Construction's ongoing project to renovate the flagship House of Fraser store on London's iconic Oxford Street is not just about restoring a historic landmark; it's a testament to sustainable construction practices. The building, afflicted by 'Regent Street disease,' a condition common in early 20th Century buildings with steel structures clad in masonry, requires extensive repair due to corrosion-induced damage.

The project involves significant demolition elements, but rather than disposing of materials, McLaren Construction is embracing material recycling. The aim is to repurpose the art deco landmark into a 34,000 square meter mixed-use development comprising retail, office, leisure, and catering spaces.

What sets this renovation apart is McLaren's innovative approach to structural design. Ten steel columns salvaged from the demolished 5th floor are being relocated to the new 8th floor, showcasing the company's commitment to resource efficiency and waste reduction. Moreover, an additional eleven columns from the fifth floor are being transported across London for reuse in another project by the same structural engineer, collaborating with a third-party contractor.

This initiative not only minimises waste but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new materials. By recycling steel columns, McLaren Construction is contributing to the circular economy and demonstrating how sustainable practices can be seamlessly integrated into large-scale renovation projects.

Furthermore, McLaren's efforts highlight the importance of collaboration within the construction industry to drive sustainability forward. By partnering with structural engineers and third-party contractors, McLaren Construction is maximising the potential for material reuse and setting a precedent for future projects.

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