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November 16, 2023

McAleer & Rushe's Wembley Project: Elevating Student Living with Innovative Shower Pods

McAleer & Rushe's Wembley Project: Elevating Student Living with Innovative Shower Pods


McAleer & Rushe has made waves in the development industry by ordering 761 glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) shower pods for a 20-storey project at Wembley Park, London. This forward-thinking move showcases the company's commitment to offsite construction, aligning with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. The groundbreaking decision not only reflects a dedication to environmental responsibility but also aims to enhance the overall quality and efficiency of student accommodation.

Offsite Construction for Enhanced Environmental Impact

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the adoption of offsite construction methods has become a key focus for many developers. McAleer & Rushe's choice to utilise shower pods for their Wembley Park development is driven by several factors that contribute to a reduced environmental footprint. The use of offsite construction minimises material waste, streamlines transportation logistics, and creates a more controlled and sustainable working environment.

Efficiency in Design and Implementation

One of the notable advantages of offsite construction is the speed and efficiency in design development. McAleer & Rushe highlights the quick and streamlined design process, which allows for early-stage verification and refinement of the shower pod's detailing. This proactive approach not only ensures a benchmark for quality control but also provides valuable insights that inform the design of student bedrooms.

Reduced Snagging, Enhanced Quality

The use of shower pods contributes to a significant reduction in snagging issues at the practical completion stage. With meticulous planning and manufacturing offsite, McAleer & Rushe can deliver bathrooms with a higher level of quality and precision. This not only accelerates project timelines but also enhances the overall living experience for students by minimising disruptions during occupancy.

Key Features of the Shower Pods

McAleer & Rushe's order comprises 761 floorless GRP bathroom pods, featuring standard as well as larger accessible and adaptable options. These pods are equipped with essential amenities, including a wall-hung toilet, a wall-hung basin, a vanity shelf with a worktop, a circular mirror above the basin, a mirrored two-door cabinet, a shower with a riser rail, and a bi-fold shower door. The thoughtful design aims to provide a comfortable and contemporary living space for students at Wembley Park.


McAleer & Rushe's strategic move to incorporate shower pods into their Wembley Park development sets a precedent for the construction industry. By prioritising sustainability, efficiency, and quality, the company showcases a commitment to delivering not just buildings, but holistic living experiences for their occupants. This innovative approach marks a step forward in the construction sector's ongoing journey towards more responsible and forward-thinking practices.

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