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March 18, 2024

Mammoet Trials 3-Way Approach to Crane Safety

Mammoet Trials 3-Way Approach to Crane Safety

Dutch lifting specialist Mammoet is pioneering a comprehensive approach to crane safety by equipping its Liebherr LTM 1070-4.2 mobile crane with three advanced warning systems. This initiative, in collaboration with fleet management and safety systems expert Rietveld, aims to enhance driver and road user protection.

Advanced Safety Features

  1. OmniVue 360° Camera System:
    • Provides real-time first- and third-person views, giving the driver a full 360° perspective from inside and outside the cab.
  2. Obstacle Detection Sensors:
    • Detects people and obstacles within an adjustable radius, alerting the driver with an acoustic signal and LED warning panel.
  3. Halo Projection System:
    • Projects an illuminated boundary on the ground around the crane, indicating the safe zone, especially useful in noisy environments requiring hearing protection.

These systems collectively aim to mitigate risks associated with crane operations, ensuring a safer working environment. The pilot project highlights Mammoet's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in heavy lifting operations.

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