May 17, 2024

JCT Releases New Minor Works Building Contract 2024

JCT Releases New Minor Works Building Contract 2024

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has announced the release of its updated Minor Works Building Contract 2024. This latest release includes a comprehensive suite of documents designed to streamline minor works projects and accommodate the evolving needs of the construction industry. The new suite consists of several key documents, each catering to different aspects of minor works contracts.

Key Documents in the Release

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2024 includes the following documents:

  1. Minor Works Building Contract 2024 (MW 2024): This is the standard form for minor works contracts, providing a clear and straightforward framework for small-scale construction projects.
  2. Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor’s Design 2024 (MWD 2024): This contract variant allows for contractor design elements, making it suitable for projects where the contractor is responsible for some or all of the design work.
  3. Minor Works Sub-Contract with Sub-Contractor’s Design 2024 (MWSub/D 2024): This sub-contract form is used when the main contract includes contractor-designed elements that are subcontracted out.
  4. Minor Works Building Contract 2024 Tracked Change Document (MW 2024 Tracked): Available in hardcopy only, this document highlights changes from previous versions, providing a clear comparison for users familiar with older editions.
  5. Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor’s Design 2024 Tracked Change Document (MWD 2024 Tracked): Also available in hardcopy, this tracked change document serves the same purpose for the contractor’s design variant.
  6. Short Form of Sub-Contract 2024 (ShortSub 2024): A simplified sub-contract form suitable for use with minor works contracts.
  7. Sub-subcontract 2024 (SubSub 2024): This document is used for subcontracting portions of work within a subcontract, adding further flexibility to project management.

Enhancing Efficiency and Clarity

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2024 suite aims to enhance efficiency and clarity in the execution of minor works projects. By providing updated and comprehensive contract forms, the JCT ensures that all parties involved in minor works projects have access to clear, well-structured documents that address current industry standards and requirements.

The inclusion of tracked change documents in the hardcopy format is particularly useful for professionals who need to quickly identify updates and amendments from previous versions. This feature reflects the JCT’s commitment to making contract management more accessible and transparent, especially for those accustomed to earlier iterations of these documents.

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