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August 1, 2023

Innovative Drill Rig Revolutionises Tunnel Work: Making it Safer, Quicker, and More Efficient

Innovative Drill Rig Revolutionises Tunnel Work: Making it Safer, Quicker, and More Efficient

Tunnel construction and maintenance have long been considered challenging endeavors, requiring precision and innovation to overcome various obstacles. Recently, AmcoGiffen, the renowned tunnel experts, have achieved a groundbreaking feat in tunnel work with their development of a purpose-built, remotely operated drill rig. This innovative creation has already proven its worth during the installation of HV (high-voltage) cables at Caerphilly Tunnel, solving the complex issue of limited clearance and ensuring a safer, quicker, and more efficient tunneling process.

The Challenge

The Caerphilly Tunnel project presented AmcoGiffen with a unique problem - the installation of two HV 60mm² cable routes at a high level in the crown. Conventional methods faced limitations due to the restricted space and challenges posed by the height at which the cables needed to be fixed. Standard drilling equipment struggled to access these hard-to-reach areas while maintaining safety and efficiency standards.

The Solution

Rising to the challenge, the AmcoGiffen tunnel specialists took the initiative to design and develop an innovative and bespoke drill rig that could overcome the limitations faced by conventional equipment. The result was a remotely operated drill rig capable of drilling at multiple angles and heights, offering a perfect solution for the intricate HV cable installation.

Key Features of the Innovative Drill Rig

  1. Remote Operation: The drill rig is designed to be operated remotely from a T4 trailer situated at the rear of the rig. This feature significantly improves safety by minimising the need for personnel to be in close proximity to the drilling area, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  2. Precision and Versatility: The drill rig's ability to operate at multiple angles and heights allows it to navigate through tight spaces and reach high-level crown positions with ease. This level of precision and versatility enhances the overall efficiency of tunnel work, making it easier to address complex challenges.
  3. Dust Extraction Capability: One of the significant concerns during tunneling projects is the generation of airborne dust, which can be harmful to workers and impact the surrounding environment. To address this, the drill rig is equipped with a self-sufficient vacuum unit capable of extracting up to 96% of airborne dust. This not only ensures the health and safety of workers but also reduces the overall environmental impact of the project.
Benefits and Implications

The introduction of this innovative drill rig marks a turning point in the tunneling industry, with the potential to revolutionise the way tunnel projects are executed. By improving safety and efficiency, the drill rig helps minimise downtime, enhance worker productivity, and reduce project timelines. As a result, tunneling endeavors can be completed more swiftly, enabling improved infrastructure development and a positive impact on transportation and utilities sectors.

Moreover, the dust extraction capability of the rig demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Reducing airborne dust not only protects workers from respiratory issues but also ensures the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem.

The AmcoGiffen tunnel experts have demonstrated their commitment to innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility through the development of this remarkable drill rig. By tackling the complex challenge of installing HV cables in the Caerphilly Tunnel, they have set a new standard for the industry, paving the way for safer, quicker, and more efficient tunneling projects in the future.

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