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January 2, 2024

HS2 Innovations Transforming Rail Tech

HS2 Innovations Transforming Rail Tech

Winners of the First of a Kind Rail Systems Competition has been announced by HS2. Under the Department for Transport's initiative, these pioneering solutions aim to revolutionise the railway sector by enhancing cost efficiency and value for money. The focus on driving economies in the delivery of rail systems, coupled with automation and cutting-edge digital methods, promises a significant leap forward in the industry.

Driving Efficiencies in Rail Systems

HS2's component of the competition zeroes in on driving efficiencies across various aspects of rail systems, including rails, track, signalling, and electrics. The goal is to leverage advanced technologies that not only reduce installation time but also enhance safety, strength, and overall performance. The potential economic impact of these innovations is estimated to be over £4 million, signaling a promising future for the HS2 project.

Meet the Visionaries

  1. Mirage Ltd - Advanced Induction Heating Technology: Mirage Ltd's innovation focuses on advanced induction heating technology, providing a safer, stronger, and faster alternative to traditional rail welding. The technology offers superior fatigue resistance, presenting a significant leap forward in the construction and maintenance of rail systems.
  2. Mobibiz Ltd - Sensor Integration with ERTMS: Mobibiz Ltd introduces sensors that integrate with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) signalling system cabling. The sensors contribute to a web-based GIS mapping tool, offering precise locations for maintenance teams. This innovative approach promises improved efficiency in maintenance operations.
  3. I3D Robotics - Tunnel Cable Installing Robot: I3D Robotics presents a tunnel cable installing robot, combining efficient automation with software that automatically assures the quality of its installation work. This solution aims to streamline the installation process, ensuring reliability and precision in tunnel cable systems.
  4. Geokod Rail - Panel Rectification System: Geokod Rail's Panel Rectification System is designed to potentially reduce the installation time of each of the railway's 70,000-plus slab track panels between London and the West Midlands. This technology holds the potential to cut installation time by up to five minutes per panel, contributing to overall project efficiency.


As HS2 invests over £650,000 in these four winning entrants to progress into the six-month development stage, the rail industry anticipates a revolution in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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