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January 23, 2024

Hercules Academy: Transforming Nuneaton's Skills

Hercules Academy: Transforming Nuneaton's Skills

In a move towards addressing the skills gap in the construction industry, labour supply specialist Hercules Site Services has inaugurated the Hercules Construction Academy in Nuneaton. The academy is poised to make a substantial impact by training and upskilling workers, aiming to enroll 400 new entrants in its inaugural year and extend its educational outreach to thousands in the years to come.

A Vision for Skills Development

The Hercules Construction Academy is positioned as a catalyst for change, aiming to bridge the skills gap by providing comprehensive training. With an initial staff of eight members, the academy plans to offer a diverse range of courses covering essential aspects such as health and safety, NVQs, T-levels, and degree-level apprenticeships. Additionally, specialised courses in utility detection, working at height, overhead powerline awareness, and highways will contribute to a well-rounded curriculum.

Capacity for Growth

The academy's ambition to train 400 new entrants in its first year underscores its commitment to immediate impact. Beyond this, the academy is poised for long-term success, with plans to upskill and educate thousands of workers over the coming years. This forward-looking approach aligns with the industry's evolving needs and the demand for highly trained professionals.

Accreditation and Recognition

The qualifications offered by the Hercules Construction Academy carry the stamp of approval from reputable institutions, including The Construction Industry Training Board, the National Open College Network, and the Energy & Utility Skills Register. This accreditation ensures that the courses meet industry standards and equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Diverse Course Offerings

The diverse array of courses, ranging from fundamental certifications to specialized training, reflects the academy's commitment to catering to the varied needs of the construction sector. By offering courses that span different skill levels and disciplines, the academy provides a holistic and tailored approach to skills development.


Hercules Construction Academy's establishment in Nuneaton is a noteworthy development in the realm of skills training for the construction industry. As it sets out to train, upskill, and educate a significant number of workers, the academy's impact is poised to reverberate across the industry. By addressing the skills gap and ensuring that workers are equipped with the right expertise, the Hercules Construction Academy is making a valuable contribution to the sector's growth and sustainability.

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