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March 27, 2024

Geo-Location Tech Ensures Safe Railway Handbacks

Geo-Location Tech Ensures Safe Railway Handbacks

In a significant advancement for railway safety, geo-location technology is now being utilised to ensure all equipment and machinery are accounted for before handing back railways to traffic. Onwave’s system tags every item that could potentially harm or derail a train if left behind, providing a real-time overview for Engineering Supervisors. This eliminates the need for physical site checks, ensuring a safer and more efficient handback process.

Britain's health and safety laws mandate the use of state-of-the-art technology to minimise risks. Geo-location technology, such as Onwave’s, aligns with this requirement by providing an additional layer of safety, making it difficult for companies to justify not using it unless costs are disproportionately high.

This technology not only enhances worker safety but also streamlines the process of ensuring that all equipment is cleared from the tracks. By offering a single, comprehensive view of all tagged items, supervisors can confidently certify the railway’s safety for traffic resumption without the need for extensive manual checks.

The integration of geo-location technology represents a best practice in the railway industry, setting a new standard for safety and efficiency. As regulations increasingly favor the adoption of such technologies, railway operators are encouraged to integrate these systems to comply with safety mandates and enhance operational effectiveness.

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