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December 22, 2023

GCRE and Getzner: Elevating Rail Innovation Across Europe

GCRE and Getzner: Elevating Rail Innovation Across Europe


The Global Centre of Rail Excellence (GCRE) is set to amplify its impact on the railway industry through a strategic collaboration with Getzner, a leading European specialist in vibration isolation technology. This innovative partnership, based at the upcoming GCRE facility in South Wales, is poised to drive advancements in elastic components for the railway sector. In this blog post, we'll explore the key aspects of this collaboration and how it positions GCRE as a hub for international rail excellence.

GCRE and Getzner's Innovation Collaboration

The collaboration between GCRE and Getzner signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of rail technology. By leveraging the cutting-edge research and testing infrastructure being developed at GCRE, Getzner aims to spearhead the development and testing of novel technologies and products in the realm of vibration isolation. This collaboration highlights the potential for groundbreaking solutions that can enhance the efficiency and performance of railway systems.

GCRE's Membership in UIC

In another significant move, GCRE has joined the International Union of Railways (UIC), a global organisation established in 1922 to promote railway transportation. With over 200 members worldwide, UIC plays a crucial role in addressing technical and infrastructure challenges in the rail industry. GCRE's membership in UIC positions it as a key player in the international rail arena, facilitating collaboration, innovation programs, and the development of essential guidelines and documents.

The Power of Collaboration

The synergy between GCRE, Getzner, and UIC underscores the transformative power of collaboration in driving innovation and addressing challenges in the railway sector. By pooling resources, expertise, and research capabilities, these entities are poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of rail technology on a global scale.

Opportunities for International Role and Partnerships

GCRE's participation in UIC opens up opportunities to strengthen its international role and form strategic partnerships. This move aligns with the broader goal of fostering collaboration to find solutions to complex technical and infrastructure challenges in the railway industry.


The collaboration between GCRE and Getzner, coupled with GCRE's membership in UIC, marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards global rail excellence. As these entities work in tandem to drive innovation and address industry challenges, the future of railway technology looks promising. This collaboration not only showcases the European reach of GCRE but also positions it as a hub for international partnerships and advancements in the dynamic world of rail transportation.

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