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November 27, 2023

From By-Product to Building Blocks: Scott Bros Pioneers Recycled Brick Innovation

From By-Product to Building Blocks: Scott Bros Pioneers Recycled Brick Innovation


In a remarkable leap towards sustainable construction practices, Scott Bros, a Stockton-based haulage and waste contractor, is turning what was once considered waste into a valuable resource. The company has been diligently working on repurposing the fine-grained clay by-product from its wash plants, which traditionally held little value. Through a collaboration with a Teesside University graduate, Scott Bros has unveiled prototype bricks and is now harnessing the university's research capabilities to scale up this groundbreaking recycled brick technology.

Unlocking Potential in Construction Waste

Scott Bros has long been at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to transform construction and excavation waste into valuable resources. The fine-grained clay by-product, previously relegated to uses like pond lining or inert engineering fill, is now undergoing a transformative journey. With a commitment to sustainability, Scott Bros aims to unlock the untapped potential within this material and revolutionise the construction industry's approach to waste management.

From Prototypes to Perfection

Two years ago, a graduate from Teesside University collaborated with Scott Bros to create three prototype bricks from the clay by-product. Since then, continuous efforts have been made to perfect the brick binding process. The collaboration showcases the power of academia and industry working hand in hand to innovate and address pressing environmental challenges. The resulting prototype bricks are a testament to the potential of turning waste into a valuable construction resource.

Tapping into Research Capabilities

Recognising the need for further refinement and scalability, Scott Bros has wisely tapped into the research capabilities of Teesside University. This strategic collaboration aims to explore ways to scale up the brick binding technology, ultimately lowering production costs and making the process commercially viable. The partnership exemplifies the synergy between academic expertise and industrial innovation, showcasing the potential for significant advancements in sustainable construction practices.

A Step Towards Commercial Viability

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to make recycled brick production economically viable. By leveraging the research capabilities of Teesside University, Scott Bros aims to not only reduce the environmental impact of construction waste but also contribute to the industry's shift towards circular and sustainable building practices. This initiative sets a precedent for how businesses can actively engage with academic institutions to drive positive change.


Scott Bros' journey from viewing a fine-grained clay by-product as virtually worthless to pioneering recycled brick technology is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. By working alongside Teesside University, the company is not only refining its processes but also contributing to a more sustainable future for the construction industry. This inspiring initiative showcases the potential within waste materials and highlights the crucial role of partnerships between industry and academia in driving meaningful change.

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