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December 21, 2023

Five Merchants Pave the Way by Joining CPPI

Five Merchants Pave the Way by Joining CPPI

Five prominent merchants have taken the lead by becoming the first to join the Code for Construction Product Information (CPPI). Aimed at curbing misleading or inaccurate claims by construction product manufacturers, the CPPI is a vital initiative launched by the Construction Product Association (CPA) in response to the findings of the Building Regulations & Fire Safety review led by Dame Judith Hackitt following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

The Code's Genesis

The CPPI was born out of the need for a standardised framework to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information provided by construction product manufacturers. Dame Judith Hackitt's comprehensive review highlighted the critical importance of trustworthy product information in maintaining safety and integrity within the industry. With the Builders Merchants Federation and the CPA's support, a specialised four-clause version of the CPPI has been tailored to meet the unique needs of merchants, distributors, and wholesalers.

Meet the Pioneers

Belgrade Insulations, CCF, Quantum Insulation, SIG Trading, and VJ Technology have emerged as trailblazers by being the first merchants and distributors to commit to the principles of the CPPI. Their proactive involvement sends a powerful message about the industry's dedication to building trust and prioritizing accurate information for all stakeholders.

The CPPI's Impact

By adhering to the CPPI, these pioneering merchants are setting a standard that promotes responsible communication and trustworthy product information. The CPPI not only benefits industry professionals by ensuring they have access to reliable data but also enhances consumer safety by mitigating the risks associated with misleading claims.

Why Merchants Matter

Merchants, as crucial intermediaries in the construction supply chain, play a pivotal role in disseminating product information. Their commitment to the CPPI is a testament to their dedication to fostering a culture of transparency and responsibility. As more merchants embrace the code, the industry can expect a positive ripple effect, encouraging manufacturers and other stakeholders to follow suit.

Looking Ahead

The entry of these five merchants into the CPPI marks a significant milestone in the industry's journey towards improved standards and accountability. It is anticipated that their commitment will inspire other merchants and distributors to join the cause, amplifying the impact of the CPPI across the construction landscape. As the initiative gains momentum, the industry moves closer to creating a safer, more transparent, and trustworthy environment for all.


The inclusion of Belgrade Insulations, CCF, Quantum Insulation, SIG Trading, and VJ Technology as the first merchants in the Code for Construction Product Information is a positive step towards a more accountable and reliable construction industry. Their commitment not only aligns with the principles of the CPPI but also signals a collective dedication to building trust and ensuring accurate product information. As the initiative gains traction, it is poised to reshape industry practices and contribute to a safer and more transparent construction ecosystem.

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