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October 17, 2023

Farewell HS2, Hello Network North: A Transformative Shift in UK Transport Infrastructure

Farewell HS2, Hello Network North: A Transformative Shift in UK Transport Infrastructure


In a surprising turn of events, the UK government has announced the scrapping of the northern leg of HS2, redirecting the £36 billion funds into a bold and expansive new transport scheme – Network North. This strategic reallocation represents a transformative shift in the approach to national transport infrastructure, promising to revolutionise connectivity and accessibility across the northern regions. As we bid farewell to HS2, let's explore the exciting prospects and key highlights of the newly unveiled Network North initiative.

Redistribution of Funds: A Strategic Move

The decision to repurpose the funds originally allocated to the northern leg of HS2 demonstrates a commitment to a more holistic and inclusive approach to transport infrastructure. The government's decision to create Network North reflects a recognition of the diverse needs of different regions and a determination to address them through a comprehensive and integrated strategy.

Key Components of Network North

  1. Network North East-West Rail Initiative: At the heart of Network North is the East-West Rail Initiative, a visionary project aimed at enhancing rail connectivity between eastern and western regions. This initiative holds the promise of reducing rail journey times between Manchester and Bradford to just 30 minutes, fostering greater economic integration and accessibility.
  2. Electrifying Lines for Efficient Travel: An essential aspect of Network North involves the electrification of key rail lines to significantly reduce travel times. The commitment to reducing the journey time between Manchester and Hull to 84 minutes is a game-changer, fostering better connectivity and economic opportunities for both cities.
  3. Government Funding for Leeds Tram Network: The government's pledge to fund a tram network in Leeds is a crucial step towards improving local transport infrastructure. This initiative not only enhances intra-city mobility but also aligns with broader sustainability goals by promoting public transportation.
  4. Expansion of Midlands Metro: As part of Network North, the expansion of the Midlands Metro is set to bring efficient and sustainable transport options to the Midlands region. This expansion aims to connect key areas, promoting economic development and accessibility.

A Strange Map, but a Clear Vision

While the attached document includes a peculiar map with city and town names in unconventional placements, the overarching vision for Network North is clear – to create a seamlessly connected transport network that enhances accessibility, reduces travel times, and stimulates economic growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

As with any ambitious infrastructure initiative, challenges are anticipated. However, the opportunities presented by Network North far outweigh the hurdles. The potential for increased economic activity, improved regional connectivity, and enhanced quality of life for residents makes this shift in focus a promising and exciting development.


As HS2 makes its exit, Network North emerges as a dynamic and forward-thinking replacement, promising a new era of connectivity and accessibility for northern regions. The government's commitment to a diverse range of projects reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing the unique needs of different communities. As Network North unfolds, it has the potential to redefine the landscape of UK transport infrastructure, setting the stage for a more interconnected, efficient, and sustainable future.

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