August 8, 2023

CrossTech's Success in the Barclays Eagle Labs Scaleup Programme

CrossTech's Success in the Barclays Eagle Labs Scaleup Programme

In a testament to their pioneering work in the field of computer vision applied to rail infrastructure inspection, CrossTech has been selected as one of the successful applicants for the prestigious Scaleup Programme. This remarkable achievement comes as a result of a collaborative effort between Barclays Eagle Labs, Cambridge Judge Business School, and the UK Government. CrossTech's cutting-edge work with the Hubble platform, catering specifically to the needs of Network Rail, has propelled them to the forefront of innovation in the rail industry.

The Scaleup Programme: A Platform for Growth

Barclays Eagle Labs, in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School and backed by UK Government funding, has created the Scaleup Programme to support and nurture businesses with exceptional growth potential. This program provides selected businesses with the resources, expertise, and mentorship needed to take their ventures to the next level.

CrossTech's Impressive Application

CrossTech's selection for the Scaleup Programme is a testament to the groundbreaking work they've undertaken in the realm of rail infrastructure inspection. Their expertise in computer vision and their utilisation of the Hubble platform have set new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and safety in this crucial sector.

The Hubble platform, developed by CrossTech, offers a revolutionary approach to rail infrastructure inspection. It harnesses the power of computer vision to analyse and assess the condition of rail assets with unprecedented precision. This innovation has not only streamlined the inspection process but has also contributed significantly to the safety and reliability of Network Rail's operations.

Why CrossTech Stood Out

CrossTech's selection for the Scaleup Programme was the result of a rigorous application and selection process, which underscores their exceptional capabilities. Several factors set CrossTech apart:

  1. Innovation: CrossTech's application of computer vision technology to rail infrastructure inspection represents a quantum leap in the industry. Their innovative approach has the potential to redefine how rail assets are maintained and managed.
  2. Impact: The Hubble platform's impact on Network Rail's operations cannot be understated. It has resulted in more efficient inspections, reduced downtime, and ultimately, safer rail travel for the public.
  3. Expertise: CrossTech's team comprises experts in computer vision and rail industry professionals who understand the unique challenges and demands of the sector. This expertise has been instrumental in the success of their projects.
A Bright Future Ahead

CrossTech's inclusion in the Barclays Eagle Labs Scaleup Programme is a well-deserved recognition of their groundbreaking work. It not only opens up new growth opportunities for the company but also promises further advancements in rail infrastructure inspection technology. As they continue to innovate and refine their solutions, CrossTech is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of rail infrastructure management, ensuring safer and more reliable rail networks for all. We look forward to seeing their continued success on this exciting journey.

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