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February 27, 2024

Costain's Electric Vans Initiative

Costain's Electric Vans Initiative

Costain, a leading infrastructure solutions provider, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by completing a trial of electric vans on major project sites across the UK. In collaboration with Enterprise Flex E-Rent, the pilot aimed to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into the working fleet, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative for infrastructure projects.

Pioneering Trial Locations

The trial spanned three key projects: the Preston Western Distributor Road scheme in Lancashire, the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross project near Truro in Cornwall, and the A12 widening scheme near Chelmsford in Essex. Electric vans were utilised by Costain's health and safety, environment, and laboratory teams, showcasing their versatility in transporting lighter materials and equipment.

Data-Driven Insights

Enterprise equipped the electric vans with advanced technology to capture detailed data and provide valuable insights into their usage. This data-driven approach offers invaluable information to optimise the deployment and efficiency of electric vehicles in real-world scenarios, such as construction and infrastructure projects.

Overcoming Charging Challenges

Addressing the challenge of long-distance charging, Costain installed banks of up to 25 EV charging points at each pilot location. This strategic infrastructure investment ensures seamless operations and supports the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across project sites.

Commitment to Sustainability

Mark Ashenden, head of plant and fleet supply chain at Costain, emphasises the company's dedication to reducing vehicle emissions and achieving net-zero targets. By conducting this trial, Costain aims to demonstrate the viability of electric vans as a greener vehicle option for major infrastructure projects while supporting decarbonisation efforts.

Industry Impact

Danny Glynn, managing director at Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, recognises the significance of this pilot in paving the way for broader adoption of electric vans across various sectors. This initiative serves as a crucial step towards understanding the practical applications of electric vehicles in construction and infrastructure, driving forward the industry's sustainability agenda.


Costain's trial of electric vans on major civils sites marks a milestone in the journey towards sustainable infrastructure development. By embracing electric vehicles and leveraging innovative solutions, Costain sets a precedent for the industry, demonstrating the potential for greener fleet operations and paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future in construction and infrastructure.

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