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December 20, 2023

Compact Carrier Gets a Lift: Tracked Carriers Introduces Innovative Mobile Crane Solution

Compact Carrier Gets a Lift: Tracked Carriers Introduces Innovative Mobile Crane Solution


Tracked Carriers, a specialised equipment manufacturer, has transformed one of its all-terrain load carriers into a versatile mobile crane. The bespoke crane was custom-built for Anatree Group Logistics, a London-based lifting and transport company seeking a compact and manoeuvrable solution for navigating tight spaces and challenging terrains.

The Innovation

Tracked Carriers took its 2200 Pro model and converted it into a powerful mobile crane with impressive specifications. This compact marvel boasts a 2,200kg carrying capacity while maintaining a slender 950mm width. The decision to go with battery power aligns with modern sustainability trends, making the crane an eco-friendly solution for various applications.

Key Features

  1. Remarkable Carrying Capacity: The 2,200kg carrying capacity of the converted carrier ensures it can handle substantial loads, making it a robust choice for diverse lifting needs.
  2. Compact Design: With a width of only 950mm, the crane is designed to navigate through narrow spaces and tricky terrains, offering unparalleled maneuverability.
  3. Battery-Powered Efficiency: Embracing environmentally conscious practices, the mobile crane operates on battery power. This not only reduces emissions but also ensures a quieter operation, making it suitable for urban environments.
  4. Proportionate Remote Controls: Equipped with fully proportionate remote controls, operators have precise and responsive control over the crane's movements, enhancing safety and accuracy.
  5. Versatile Lifting Capability: The crane attachment can lift up to 990kg with a 1.1m outreach and handle loads of up to 200kg at a height of 4.5m. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of lifting applications.
  6. Dual Functionality: Despite being equipped with a powerful crane, the load bed retains its functionality, capable of carrying an additional 1,500kg. This dual functionality adds to the efficiency and practicality of the machine.
  7. Quick Decoupling Feature: The crane, attached to the carrier with eight bolts, can be rapidly decoupled if needed. This feature enhances flexibility, allowing the carrier to switch between crane and load-carrying configurations swiftly.

Practical Application

The conversion of Tracked Carriers' 2200 Pro model into a mobile crane addresses the growing demand for compact and versatile solutions in the lifting and transport industry. Anatree Group Logistics, with its focus on navigating tight spaces and rough terrains in London, has found an ideal solution in this innovative offering.


Tracked Carriers' introduction of a mobile crane variant showcases the company's commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of its clients. The compact design, impressive lifting capabilities, and eco-friendly features position this mobile crane as a game-changer in the industry, offering a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As the demand for such versatile solutions continues to rise, Tracked Carriers' innovative approach sets a new standard for excellence in the field of specialised equipment manufacturing.

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