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December 19, 2023

Carbon Capture in Cement Production: Nuada's Innovation with Global Cement Leaders

Carbon Capture in Cement Production: Nuada's Innovation with Global Cement Leaders


Belfast-based carbon capture specialist Nuada has joined forces with four international cement companies to revolutionise the landscape of emissions reduction in cement production. This strategic partnership aims to leverage Nuada's cutting-edge technology to substantially decrease carbon emissions from industrial off-gases. The initiative not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of eco-friendly practices within the cement industry.

The Carbon Capture Technology

Nuada's innovative approach involves the development of advanced filtration machines designed to capture carbon dioxide from industrial off-gases. This breakthrough technology holds immense potential for heavy industry sectors, offering a viable solution to curbing carbon footprints associated with cement production.

Global Collaboration

The collaboration between Nuada and the Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA) marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future. The partnership specifically involves key players in the cement industry, namely Holcim, SCG, Cementos Argos, and Cementos Molins. By uniting forces, these companies are poised to explore the practical application of Nuada's carbon capture technology on a global scale.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Nuada's filtration machines offer a practical and efficient means for cement companies to reduce their carbon footprint. As these machines capture carbon dioxide from industrial off-gases, they play a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental impact of cement production. This initiative aligns with global efforts to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable industrial practices.

The Role of Technology in Sustainability

The collaboration between Nuada and leading cement companies highlights the pivotal role of technology in driving sustainability within the construction and manufacturing sectors. By investing in innovative solutions such as carbon capture technology, these companies are not only meeting environmental targets but also setting new industry standards for responsible and eco-conscious practices.

Looking Ahead

As the partnership progresses, the industry will closely monitor the outcomes of the collaboration between Nuada and the cement giants. The potential widespread adoption of carbon capture technology in cement production could usher in a new era of sustainable practices, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and industrial progress can go hand in hand.


Nuada's collaboration with international cement companies signifies a significant stride towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry. By embracing carbon capture technology, these companies are not only exploring innovative solutions to reduce emissions but also leading the way in transforming traditional manufacturing practices. This collaboration serves as a beacon for the broader industrial sector, highlighting the immense potential of technology in achieving a harmonious balance between progress and environmental responsibility.

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