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December 18, 2023

Bullivant Collaborates on Graphene-Enhanced Concrete Project

Bullivant Collaborates on Graphene-Enhanced Concrete Project


Roger Bullivant, a leading piling specialist, is set to collaborate with Concretene, a pioneer in concrete technology. This collaboration aims to introduce a revolutionary graphene-enhanced admixture, effectively reducing the embodied carbon footprint in precast piles. With funding secured from Innovate UK, the precast project is poised to undergo trials immediately, paving the way for potential commercial deliveries by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Graphene-Enhanced Concrete: A Leap Towards Sustainability

Concrete, a staple in construction, has long been associated with significant environmental concerns due to its high carbon footprint. However, Concretene's innovative approach, integrating graphene into the concrete mix, promises to address these issues by enhancing compressive, tensile, and flexural strength while ensuring increased durability. This groundbreaking technology signifies a pivotal moment in sustainable construction practices.

Key Benefits of Graphene-Enhanced Admixture

  1. Reduced Embodied Carbon: The integration of graphene into the concrete mix is expected to significantly reduce the embodied carbon in precast piles. This breakthrough could have far-reaching implications for the construction industry's efforts to mitigate its environmental impact.
  2. Enhanced Strength and Durability: Graphene's remarkable properties contribute to improved compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of the concrete. This not only enhances the structural integrity of the precast piles but also extends their lifespan, resulting in more sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Innovate UK Funding and Timeline

The importance of this collaboration is underscored by the financial backing received from Innovate UK, a government agency dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability. The project is set to undergo trials immediately, with the prospect of commercial deliveries commencing as early as the last quarter of 2024. This rapid timeline highlights the urgency and commitment to implementing eco-friendly solutions in the construction sector.

Bullivant's Integral Role

Roger Bullivant's involvement in the project goes beyond collaboration. In addition to providing support for the Concretene project, Bullivant is proposing the establishment of a pilot manufacturing plant for Concretene at its headquarters in Derbyshire. This strategic move not only showcases Bullivant's commitment to sustainable practices but also positions them as a leader in fostering innovation within the construction industry.

Future Implications

The success of the Concretene and Roger Bullivant collaboration could have far-reaching implications for the construction industry. If the graphene-enhanced concrete proves to be effective on a large scale, it could set a new standard for eco-friendly building materials, inspiring similar initiatives across the globe.


The collaboration between Concretene and Roger Bullivant represents a significant stride towards sustainable construction practices. By harnessing the power of graphene, this project has the potential to reshape the landscape of the construction industry, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative without compromising on strength and durability. As the trials commence and the prospect of commercial deliveries looms, the construction sector eagerly awaits the realisation of this innovative and promising venture.

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