September 25, 2023

Bowmer & Kirkland Leading the Way: A Greener Construction Site Fueled by Batteries and Flywheel

Bowmer & Kirkland Leading the Way: A Greener Construction Site Fueled by Batteries and Flywheel

In a significant leap towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry, Bowmer & Kirkland has made history by fueling a £300 million residential development in Sheffield's West Bar district solely with batteries. This pioneering move marks a milestone, as it is believed to be the first major construction site in the UK to be powered entirely by battery technology. Bowmer & Kirkland has deployed just two batteries to fuel a range of essential equipment, including a tower crane, mast climbers, hoist, and temporary site supply to two buildings, resulting in an estimated carbon emissions reduction of 27 tonnes in just the first two weeks.

A Greener Path in Construction

The construction industry is undergoing a profound transformation towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. Bowmer & Kirkland's groundbreaking initiative sets a high standard for the sector, emphasising the industry's vital role in mitigating carbon emissions and reducing its environmental footprint.

The Power of Batteries and Flywheel Technology

Bowmer & Kirkland's residential development project in Sheffield relies on a combination of battery and flywheel technology to meet its power needs. This innovative approach aligns with the industry's increasing adoption of cleaner energy sources and the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels. By transitioning to battery power, the construction site significantly reduces its carbon emissions, contributing to a more eco-friendly operation.

Two Weeks, 27 Tonnes of CO2 Saved

In just the first two weeks of utilising battery power, Bowmer & Kirkland's pioneering initiative has already made a substantial impact. An estimated 27 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved, highlighting the immediate environmental benefits of transitioning to cleaner energy sources. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the construction site but also demonstrates that green practices can be both effective and efficient.

A Template for Sustainable Construction

Bowmer & Kirkland's innovative approach serves as a template for the construction industry to follow. It showcases that greener alternatives are not only feasible but also financially viable. The shift towards battery power is not only environmentally responsible but also economically advantageous, offering long-term cost savings and resource efficiency.

A Leadership Role in Environmental Responsibility

By being the first major construction site in the UK to be powered solely by battery technology, Bowmer & Kirkland is not just a participant but a leader in environmental responsibility. The construction industry, known for its resource-intensive operations, is showing that it can take substantial steps towards a sustainable and cleaner future.


Bowmer & Kirkland's achievement in powering a significant residential development in Sheffield with batteries is a testament to the construction industry's commitment to sustainability and innovation. By saving 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions in just two weeks, the company demonstrates the immediate impact of greener practices. This pioneering effort sets a high bar for the industry, urging it to embrace cleaner energy sources, reduce emissions, and champion a more sustainable future for construction. Bowmer & Kirkland's leadership in this endeavor inspires hope and sets an example for the industry to follow.