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January 19, 2024

Better Transport Week 2024 Advocates Sustainable Mobility

Better Transport Week 2024 Advocates Sustainable Mobility

Better Transport Week 2024 Advocates Sustainable MobilityBetter Transport Week 2024 is set to take place from June 17 to June 23. This annual event, organised by a leading transport charity, is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the myriad benefits of public transport, shared mobility, walking, and cycling. With the aim of encouraging more people to embrace sustainable travel options, this week-long initiative has garnered significant support from over 100 organisations, including the Department for Transport, local authorities, transport industry stakeholders, NGOs, businesses, and passionate passenger groups.

Showcasing the Spectrum of Sustainable Travel

Better Transport Week serves as a platform to showcase the diverse advantages of sustainable transportation methods. From the efficiency of public transport to the health and environmental benefits of walking and cycling, the week aims to highlight how adopting these alternatives can positively impact individuals and communities alike. As the world increasingly prioritises eco-friendly and community-centric travel, Better Transport Week stands as a beacon for a more sustainable future.

Last Year's Success and Collaborative Support

The success of Better Transport Week is evident in the overwhelming support it received last year. With over 100 organisations rallying behind the cause, the week became a collaborative effort that transcended boundaries. The Department for Transport, local authorities, various players from the transport industry, non-governmental organisations, businesses, and dedicated passenger groups all united to make a significant impact. This collective support underscores the importance of sustainable transportation and its role in shaping a greener and more interconnected society.

Encouraging Sustainable Choices

At its core, Better Transport Week is about fostering a culture of sustainable mobility. By showcasing the advantages and possibilities of public transport, shared mobility, walking, and cycling, the week encourages individuals to make conscious choices that benefit not only their well-being but also contribute to a healthier planet. Through engaging activities, informative events, and community involvement, the initiative aims to inspire lasting changes in how people approach their daily commutes and travel decisions.

Get Involved

As the dates for Better Transport Week 2024 approach, individuals, businesses, and organisations are encouraged to actively participate in the movement. Whether it's promoting sustainable practices, organising local events, or simply choosing eco-friendly transportation options, everyone has a role to play in making Better Transport Week a resounding success. Together, we can build momentum for a future where sustainable travel is the norm, creating a positive impact on both individual lifestyles and the global environment.


Better Transport Week 2024 is more than just a series of dates on the calendar—it's a celebration of sustainable mobility and a call to action for individuals and communities to embrace eco-friendly travel options. With the support of various stakeholders and the success of previous years, the week stands poised to make an even greater impact in advocating for a future where public transport, shared mobility, walking, and cycling are the cornerstones of a sustainable and interconnected society.

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