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September 20, 2023

Balfour Beatty: Pioneering a Greener Future with Hydrogen-Powered Highway Maintenance Trucks

Balfour Beatty: Pioneering a Greener Future with Hydrogen-Powered Highway Maintenance Trucks

The construction industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainability and environmental consciousness, and Balfour Beatty is leading the way. In a groundbreaking development, Balfour Beatty has secured a Scottish government grant to convert four of its road maintenance vehicles to run on hydrogen, alongside diesel. This initiative marks a remarkable milestone as Balfour Beatty becomes the first construction company to receive funding from the Scottish government's Emerging Energies Technology Fund. The grant, totaling over £240,000 in match-funding, will be used to retrofit two gritters and two maintenance vehicles, which will be trialed on the Connect Roads M77/Glasgow southern orbital project. This trial is expected to result in a 40% reduction in carbon emissions from each of the converted vehicles.

Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a game-changer in the quest for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Balfour Beatty's pioneering project is an embodiment of the industry's commitment to adopting hydrogen as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

A Government-Backed Green Initiative

The grant from the Scottish government is a testament to the government's dedication to promoting sustainable practices within the construction sector. It's an acknowledgment of the pivotal role that construction companies like Balfour Beatty play in achieving the country's environmental goals.

Innovative Retrofitting for Sustainability

Balfour Beatty's project involves retrofitting two gritters and two maintenance vehicles to operate using hydrogen alongside their existing diesel engines. This innovative approach allows for a more gradual transition to cleaner energy sources and minimises the need for a complete overhaul of the vehicle fleet.

Reducing Carbon Emissions Significantly

The trial of these converted vehicles on the Connect Roads M77/Glasgow southern orbital project is expected to yield impressive results. A projected 40% reduction in carbon emissions from each converted vehicle reflects not only environmental responsibility but also cost-effectiveness. Cleaner-burning hydrogen offers the potential for significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

Leading by Example

Balfour Beatty's commitment to greener practices is more than just a corporate endeavor; it's an example for the entire industry. The construction sector has a substantial environmental footprint, and Balfour Beatty's initiative sets a precedent for sustainability and innovation in the field.

A Sustainable Future for Construction

The conversion of highway maintenance trucks to run on hydrogen is a significant leap towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious construction industry. As the world seeks to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, projects like this offer hope and inspiration for a cleaner, greener future.


Balfour Beatty's endeavor to retrofit highway maintenance trucks for hydrogen operation is a symbol of progress in the construction industry. By embracing innovative technologies and environmentally responsible practices, the company is contributing to the global mission to reduce emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources. Balfour Beatty's commitment to sustainability sets a high bar for the industry and exemplifies how the construction sector can drive change, one vehicle at a time.

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